Limited strictly to “members only” and noting that “no bags [would] be permitted into the event”, the Oxford Union Society (founded in 1823) hosted Steve K. Bannon on Friday, November 16.  Local media reported around a thousand protestors, who clashed at times with police.

In its materials, the Oxford Union described Bannon with this:

“After a career in the Navy, investment banking, and Hollywood, Mr. Bannon co-founded Breitbart News in 2006. He became the chief executive of Donald Trump’s 2016 election campaign and subsequently served as White House Chief Strategist from the inauguration until August 2017. Since then, he has set up an organisation called The Movement, which is designed to promote right-wing economic nationalism in Europe ahead of the European Parliamentary Elections in 2019.  Mr Bannon will deliver opening remarks, followed by questions from the President before opening the floor to the audience.”

The duration of the full video—which includes Bannon’s ‘presentation’ and the subsequent moderator and audience questions—is 1:12:02.