We are delighted to announce that the Montreal Economic Institute (MEI) has produced a limited number of neckties featuring the image of the 19th century French economist, legislator, and writer, Claude Frédéric Bastiat (1801-1850).

For CAN$65, you may purchase this colourful tie to add to your ever growing, ever garish emblematic tie collection.  More information about how to order can be found at the MEI’s website here.

Bastiat is, of course, the author of the seminal 1850 essay, The Law, which considers fundamental issues in political and economic philosophy in a clear and engaging style.  English- and Spanish-language editions of The Law can be downloaded for freehere, courtesy of the Mises Institute of Alabama (USA).

The MEI is an independent, non-partisan public policy think tank in Canada that seeks to foster debates and promote policy reforms based on market principles.  It was founded in 1998.