This morning, at the Palazzo Pirelli in Milan, an important event was held paying tribute to one of the great Italian political thinkers of the 20th century, Gianfranco Miglio (1918-2001).

Speakers included some of Italy’s brightest public intellectuals, including:  Stefano Bruno Galli, Autonomy and Culture Adviser for Lombardy, Luigi Marco Bassani, professor at the Università degli Studi in Milan, and Carlo Lottieri, professor at the Università degli Studi in Verona.  The book,Vocazione e destino dei Lombardi by Gianfranco Miglio, edited by Stefano Bruno Galli, was also presented at the event.

Miglio, who was a jurist and political scientist at Milan’s Università Cattolica, was very active in Italian politics, particularly in efforts to promote federalism and regional autonomy. He was elected to the Italian Senate as a member of the Lega Nord (today known as the Lega) and in 1994, he founded the Partito Federalista

A prolific author, Miglio drew from sources as varied as Henry David Thoreau, Max Weber, and Carl Schmitt.  Much of his work involved rigorous analysis of different “political power structures” in Italy — what others elsewhere have called “the administrative state”.