In an essay originally appearing in 2017 at Breitbart and re-published yesterday by Intellectual Takeout, former US diplomat Ted Malloch writes about the ongoing crisis of the family in Europe:


“The crisis of the family is not simply a result of changed sexual mores or feminist ideology, while they contribute to it. It has far deeper roots.

The family has lost its social significance because to the State, the family is a threat. As a precursor and basic unit of life it preceded the state and always balanced its interests.

But in the last fifty years, the welfare state has done everything in its power to break it up. Dividing families, encouraging divorce, supporting abortion, coercing fatherlessness, and building dependencies, the state has not idly watched in the demise of the family structure:  it has been the active and primary cause of its very plight. As one pundit put it, ‘the State became master of the family; the result is that the family is now truly the agent, the slave, and the handmaiden of the State’.”


Malloch—whose memoirs, Davos, Aspen & Yale: My Life Behind the Elite Curtain as a Global Sherpa, were published by WND in 2016 is a frequent commentator on the decline of the family in the West.