February 2019

“The Anointed Imagination”

If you love English literature and the Catholic intellectual tradition, the Chavagnes Summer Conference 2019—to be held outside of Nantes on 22-26 July—may be just the thing for you.

This year’s Conference, titled “The Anointed Imagination: Literature and the Light of Christ”, will bring together scholars like British philosopher, Anthony O’Hear OBE, author Fiorella de Maria, and Joseph Pearce for a consideration of “creativity and Christian faith”.

What Sir Roger wants from architecture

A short excerpt from Sir Roger Scruton’s latest contribution (bp) to the Spectator:

“Our need for belonging is part of what we are and it is the true foundation of aesthetic judgment. Lose sight of it and we risk building an environment in which function triumphs over all other values, the aesthetic included.”

The Spengler Society & Michel Houellebecq

After decades of relative neglect, Oswald Spengler is being remembered as one of the undisputed key thinkers of the 20th century—and as a philosopher whose predictions about the future of the West seem to fulfil themselves at a surprising speed.

A permanent temptation

In Robert Jackson’s 2007 primer on sovereignty (published by Polity Press), the eminent Boston University professor speaks of the challenge of ensuring that those with state power are responsible and prudent. “For those who wield power,” he says, “there is a permanent temptation to abuse their power.”

It is important to remember this in the lead-up to the European elections in May.