The following essay appears on the website of “One of Us”, a European Citizens’ Initiative that was launched in 2014 to demand that the protection of human beings (from conception) be guaranteed by European institutions in the areas of competence of the European Union. The initiative counts with the support of all the pro-life and pro-family organizations in Europe. The essay has been edited  for clarity.

“The cause of Europe’s crisis lies in a shift
away from Christianity and its Christian roots”


“The truth will set you free,” were the realistic words of Pope John Paul II in 1993. Among other things, it was also a response to the euphoric hope of uniting Europe after the fall of the communist ‘Iron Curtain’. Only the truth itself, as the first goal of philosophical research, can make us free. Today’s man needs to return to these ‘fixed’ facts, come back from remote aims of biotechnological research and the misleading worship of scientific idolatry to the reality of everyday life.

We should also look for the truth, wherever the state has restored mistaken laws, imposed totalitarian thinking, and established demagogic practices that lead to a lack of freedom.

We desire the unification of Europe and we still wish it to be prestigious in the world — not only as an economic power but, first of all, as an area of freedom, justice, and peace. It is not merely a geographical area; it is a part of the world that has been called to humanize the world.

But Europe’s ideals are constantly being overtaken by obstacles and they are overshadowed by clouds of doubt. In Brussels, as the centre of Europe, the basic treaty at the European Constitution was discussed in 2003. The missing reference to its Christian roots was a major fault, which served to mobilized intellectuals, politicians, and pro-life movements. Their response was an answer to the question: “Does God have a place in Europe?”  A European Constitution which excludes any mention of the Christian roots of Europe cannot establish the foundations for a culture of freedom, solidarity, peace. If Europe refuses to open to the message of the truth, it closes itself off to the world and embraces a future of forged deception.

The heritage of Greek philosophy, Roman law, and Judeo-Christian religious tradition form the foundations of our culture. A voluntary negation of the truth about our roots and a rejection of the values created in Europe has led to a mistrust towards Europe’s institutions. Europe’s inhabitants thus legitimately cannot trust a Europe that is led by political and bureaucratic institutions with no soul.

If we do not want ‘technocracy’ and the injustice of totalitarianism to threaten our common future, then returning to our fundamental values and accepting moral principles has become more urgent. It is necessary to once more ask the kinds of important questions that ‘One of Us’ has brought to the public square. Think about these words:

“The strongest and most dangerous attack of our time is directed at the woman who represents the mystery of love and fertility. The destruction of a woman brings [about a] destruction of humanity and humankind. The woman is the guardian of what is deepest in the heart of man. In terms of abortion, genetic manipulation, [and the] normalization of surrogate motherhood, we see that the forces of evil are directed [at the] woman who asks for masculinity — and does not care about her own secrets.”

The basic ‘pact’ between God and man has to do with procreation — with birth. God, man, and woman are the source of life and they themselves participate in the creation of God’s work.

We should remember this.