The European Conservative is a monthly online and occasional print publication jointly published by the Center for European Renewal (CER) and the Center for Transatlantic Renewal (CTR).  It seeks to serve as an outlet for many varieties of ‘conservatism’ — including but not limited to agrarianism, classical liberalism, constitutional monarchism, distributism, libertarianism, radical localism, and traditionalism.  It is steadfastly committed to renewing Western culture, and seeks to promote conservative and Christian thinkers and ideas from Europe, the Americas and other areas of the world.

A note on language: Despite the diversity of linguistic traditions in Europe, the common language of the journal is English (in both its UK and U.S. forms), which is the default language of most international activities today.  This, however, does not preclude the editors from posting, on occasion, material in other European languages.  In fact, it is one of our objectives to promote knowledge and understanding of the world’s many great languages, and contribute to a preservation of linguistic diversity.