On Sunday, May 26, European voters went to the polls for the last day in this year’s electoral cycle.  While the establishment media would have us believe that it was a total “disaster” for the populist nationalist parties that have been growing, Polish-American analyst, investor, and journalist, Matthew Tyrmand, provides the following interpretation in the recent edition of the re-launched Human Events:

Twenty-eight European Union member nations went to the polls last weekend to cast their vote to send yet another message to the political establishment of the continent. The message is again clear: back off the degrading of nation states.

This is the message that the UK sent with the Brexit vote; and it is the same message that “deplorables” in the U.S. sent to Washington when Trump was elected president. Now, it is the message more and more Europeans are taking to their own national capitals and to the belly of the beast, Brussels. Tyrmand continues:

Starting with a hard shift rightward in Central Eastern Europe (the Visegrad 4: Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia) the European political establishment subcultures across the continent, pushing deeper integration in political decision making, have been falling like dominoes.

His roundup is a very useful remedy to offset the distortions from the mainstream media. Click here to read the piece in its entirety.