The inaugural conference of the Edmund Burke Foundation, focusing on ‘national conservatism’, began Sunday evening and will conclude on Tuesday, July 16. Spearheaded by Israeli political philosopher Yoram Hazony, the conference brings together some of the world’s leading social and political thinkers.

Some of the topics and themes to be discussed include: “Social Conservatism and the National Interest”, “Christian Universalism and American Nationalism”, “American Transnationalism, the EU and the Davoisie”, “Burke and the American Constitution”, “Immigration and the Desire for Rootedness”, “Imperial China’s Challenge to Nationalism”, “Nationalism, Creed, and Culture”, and “Christianity, Globalism, and the Nation”.

The speakers include Amb. John Bolton, Rusty Reno, Tucker Carlson, Ryszard Legutko, John O’Sullivan, Amity Schlaes, Daniel MCarthy, Charles Kesler, Julius Krein, J.D. Vance, Patrick Deneen, David Goldman, Cliff May, and Sen. Josh Hawley.