For centuries, Europe has been shaped by the culture and values of the nations that call the continent their home. Through encounters between Germans, Britons, Italians, Frenchmen, Spaniards, and others, a shared philosophical and political tradition emerged that has made us who we are and made our continent unique. Europe is now under threat from within — and the very structures that claim to have our best interests at heart are betraying our heritage and asking us to give up our national sovereignty. Patriotic rebellions at the ballot boxes across the continent are a response to these emerging threats.

Europe as a collection of unique nations — each with its own language, sense of identity, and history — is at grave risk of disappearing. The drive towards globalizing the world and erasing the individual identity of nations threatens the ancient states of the European continent with uniformity. The bureaucrats in Brussels, whom we have not elected, have been trying for decades to rid Europe of the diversity of its national traditions, which is the essence of our continent. They have been trying to cut us off from our Christian roots and impose a multicultural society that despises our Greek, Roman, and Christian legacy. In the name of ‘democracy’ and the ‘rule of law,’ the EU masters in Brussels have been doing their best to crush the very Europe’s nation-states which have always been the guarantors of freedom.

The free states of Europe that negotiated the customs union, and who first dreamed up what later became the European Union, never bargained for a political union that would demand the sacrifice of their national identity. Europeans never asked to stop being French, Spanish, Dutch, or Swedish in order to become more “European.” But now, the oligarchs in Brussels are creating a European Union that is coercive in nature and which in no way reflects the spirit of cooperation characteristic of the ‘Founding Fathers’ of European unity. What we have now resembles the Warsaw Pact — rather than a union of free nations — an organization that blames European citizens for integration problems, and which persecutes dissenters from the globalist and multiculturalist agenda favored by Brussels, and those who want to remain faithful to Europe’s Christian roots.

Europeans are no longer standing passively on the sidelines watching it happen. They have reacted, rebelling against the politicians who seem to have forgotten why they were elected — and are reminding them that their mandate is not to save the world but to defend the national interests of each EU member state at whose pleasure they serve. These rebellions differ from country to country. Various movements and new political parties exist in Europe today in response to the EU’s betrayal of European culture. Those movements are as different as the needs of each nation whose people they seek to represent. What they have in common is that they are a reaction to the offensive led by the Brussels Eurocrats against national identity, culture, and tradition, against the right of the people to make decisions about their own countries, against the arbitrary ideological agenda imposed on EU member states without the consent of the very people that Brussels claims to represent.

Facing a globalist push that aims to erase not only borders but also cultural differences between the nations of Europe and the world, we have come to declare that another Europe is possible: not a coercive political union but a club of free and sovereign nations; not a sect where every dissident nation is isolated, shamed, and persecuted by supranational institutions and political structures that have usurped power from sovereign nation-states and their citizens.

For example, under the pretext of battling climate change, defending equality, fighting racism, or standing up to Islamophobia, Brussels tries to impose totalitarian regulatory regimes on every aspect of our lives from which no state, no individual, is allowed to dissent. No opposition is tolerated in the court of public opinion or in the marketplace of ideas, so there is no right to debate and no longer a need for free speech. As thinkers such as Sir Roger Scruton, Rémi Brague, Chantal Delsol, Pierre Manent, Dalmacio Negro Pavón and others said in The Paris Statement, politicians who dare to point to these faceless technocrats or denounce the dangers of Muslim immigration are often dragged into court, which is a clear threat to one of the founding values of our Europe: freedom of expression.

The establishment in Europe has been controlling the media for decades and now is doing the same with social networks. Media power is in the hands of large multinationals that are responsible for deciding what content can be broadcast, what messages can be promoted — and which ones have to be censored. They impose without hesitation an ideological slant and they attack, with everything at their disposal, anyone who questions their values and abandons the ‘approved script.’

The European institutions are responsible for this systematic censorship. The current leadership of the European Union has granted Twitter the authority — indeed, the responsibility — to control political content. Our party, VOX, which is seen as one of those rebellious groups that seeks to check the power of Brussels, has already been silenced, our Twitter account blocked. Why? Because we refuse to be a mouthpiece for Brussels and instead speak for the people of Spain who elected us. We must show that not all politicians ignore the interests of the citizens who elected them, and that we have not given up on a Europe united in its diversity and respectful of the sovereignty of the nations that comprise it.

The nation-state remains the guarantor of freedom and democracy. Waves of migrants are neither desirable nor positive for our countries or their countries of origin. It would be better to help people thrive in their own countries and cultures than to encourage them to come to a Europe that is at war with its own roots and its own Judeo-Christian tradition. The multiculturalism that the EU establishment praises so much has failed because assimilation is not encouraged and because there are cultures that cannot be easily integrated into our democracies. There are already predominantly immigrant Muslim neighborhoods in many European cities where sharia is, in fact, the current law. The people of Europe did not vote for this state of affairs. It was imposed on them under the banner of “European values” — and those who imposed it live in very different neighborhoods.

This progressive dictatorship, promoted by Europe’s intellectual and political elites, undermines the middle class, the working poor, and the disadvantaged — those who cannot easily pick up and leave when their cities and their children’s school districts change. They suffer the problems that come from illegal and uncontrolled immigration, from cultural substitution, and from a low-wage economic model that not only fails to create wealth for families but actually prevents prosperity.

Another Europe is possible. The rebellions at the ballot boxes across Europe, which have brought new parties into parliaments and entrusted new people with power, tell us that the people of Europe have had enough. Patriots in Spain and across Europe have understood that message. We will thus continue to stand up to these globalist elites, even if our social media platforms are disabled. On behalf of those who elected us, we will continue to oppose those who have distorted the democratic foundations of the nation, emancipated themselves from their electoral mandate, and imposed a new global moral order on their own people — becoming the masters of those they were supposed to serve. No more. Their suicidal project has failed.

The future of Europe belongs to patriots!