On Saturday, July 4, leaders and officials of the three main parties of the Italian centre-right gathered in Rome, in the Piazza del Popolo, under the banner of “Insieme per l’Italia del lavoro” (“Together for an Italy of Labor”). Matteo Salvini of La Lega, Giorgia Meloni of the Fratelli d’Italia, and Antonio Tajani of Forza Italia each spoke to a crowd of more than 4,000 people (most of them, of course, ‘safely distanced’).

Among other newsworthy comments, Salvini, formerly Minister of the Interior, sent an important greeting to the United States:

Today on 4 July, on the other side of the Ocean, independence is celebrated.
Greetings from me.
All lives matter. All lives count, black and white.
There are no lives that count more and less.
Matteo Salvini during his speech. Image courtesy of Salvini’s Facebook page.


In addition, the conservative intellectual organization and political movement, Nazione Futura, founded and directed by conservative thinker and entrepreneur, Francesco Giubilei, distributed a special edition of their eponymous newsletter, containing commentary and analysis on a variety of issues by Giorgia Meloni, as well as Lorenzo Fontana, Maurizio Gasparri, Raffaele Fitto, Marcello Veneziani, and Giulio Sapelli.

Courtesy of Nazione Futura, a freely downloadable PDF (in Italian) of that special edition is available by clicking the image below.

A few more images of the Piazza del Popolo, courtesy of Matteo Salvini’s Facebook page, before, during, and after Saturday’s event: