“Educating the Soul through Art:

On the Political and Aesthetical Legacy of Sir Roger Scruton’s Work.”

Thursday, 1 October 2020 / 14:00-19:00 CEST

SESSION 1: “Scruton and the Great Tradition.”

Bernát Török (Eötvös József Research Centre or EJRC)

Ferenc Hörcher (National University of Public Service)

James Hankins (Harvard University)


SESSION 2: “The Meaning of Art.”

Raymond Tallis

Alicja Gescinska (University of Buckingham)


SESSION 3: “What Roger Meant to his Students.”

Zoltán Pető (HU)

Sebastian Morello (UK)

Moderator: Fisher Derderian (Roger Scruton Legacy Foundation)


Followed by a concert of Lorca songs,

with pianists Katalin Csillagh and Kristi Bryson.





A depiction of Budapest during the Middle Ages from the “Nuremberg Chronicle” (‘Liber Chronicarum’, according to Latin scholars), written by Hartmann Schedel, of 1493.