The sanctity of life! The freedoms of thought, speech, and religion! The paramount importance of family, history, and tradition! Such principles and values have long been ignored by politicians and the media. It took decades for an unapologetic fighter to emerge who would defend them.

That is why hundreds of millions of people across the world are proud to stand beside not just ‘Donald the Man’ but ‘Trump the Defender of the West’ — and in support of principles that have spurred democracy, promoted equality under the law, incentivized peace, and shaped strong and prosperous nations.

It has become clear, however, through recent events in the U.S. and elsewhere, that the left has not shed its old ways of looting, rioting, and violence. In fact, these methods have increasingly been used to blackmail and silence anyone who acts against their interests or dares to challenge them. As a result, a campaign to ‘cancel’ our cultures, re-write Western history, and conform to an ‘authoritarian liberal’ way of thinking began in the United States — and has since been exported to Europe.

One of many protests in the U.S. following the death of George Floyd. Cropped image courtesy of Jenny Salita, licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0.

Such a totalitarian mentality would have full license if Joe Biden were to be elected president. Under the guise of ‘social justice,’ it has already started to manifest itself with people losing jobs for saying the wrong thing, students being expelled for arguing the wrong way, and businesses being destroyed for capitalist success. At the same time, left-wing activists have been campaigning for a dismantling of the ‘American experiment,’ advocating instead for communism, and the abolishment of private property and the police. And the truth is that Biden simply lacks the courage and the will to stand up to the extremists of his party. And, in many ways, he has adopted many of their policies.

Two years ago, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, nominated by Trump to the U.S. Supreme Court, went through one of the nastiest, most vile and despicable defamation campaigns in history. Democrats abandoned due process and, relying solely on manufactured hearsay ‘evidence,’ tried to destroy his life and reputation. In a reversal of the legal principle, the Democratic Party’s message was essentially that anyone who is not with them is guilty — until proven innocent.

Although Biden himself has avoided giving an answer to the question of how he might handle a nomination to the Supreme Court, there is no doubt that his Party would pack the U.S. Supreme Court with legal activists. This means that a Biden Administration would likely add up to six more progressive judges to the highest court in America. This would fundamentally — and dramatically — reshape the United States.

One repercussion of this could be an attempt to pack the Senate by making the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico — both liberal regions — into ‘states.’ If this were to happen, the Democrats’ ultimate goal of abolishing the Electoral College might become possible — which would mean that any future president would be chosen solely through the popular vote.

the 2020 U.S. electoral college votes by state, courtesy of Nbpolitico at English Wikipedia, under GNU Free Documentation License.

Never mind that the Electoral College was put in place to ensure that the voices of all citizens in all America state are heard, while also ensuring that mob rule or popularity are not the sole determinants. If the Electoral College were to cease to exist, the largest states would be the ones to elect the president. By thus rigging the rules of the game in their favor, the Democrats could turn the country into a veritable one-party system.

Another consequence of a possible Biden victory would be the total bankruptcy of the world’s largest economy. Taxes for businesses and individuals alike would be increased. Higher personal income and payroll tax rates would mean individuals would pay more than 50% in taxes — in addition to their state income tax. Thus, in high-tax states like California, for example, individuals would pay around 62% of their total income in taxes.

Estimates suggest that Biden’s whole economic plan would cost around $7 trillion, and that the consequences of this would be higher capital costs, fewer incentives to work and invest, and lower productivity overall. Additionally, if the unconstitutional wealth taxes are implemented — as many on the left advocate — the U.S. could see unprecedented capital flight. This could make the final total cost of the Democrats’ socialist agenda even higher.

The U.S. would thus be weaker — economically, politically, and socially. As a result, it would also be weaker geopolitically, giving free reign to China, Russia, and Iran — and contributing to a weaker, less safe, and uncertain world.

In the face of such a frightening scenario stands Donald Trump. The American president has so far been successful in restoring the economic superiority of the U.S. He cut taxes for individuals and businesses. During his first term, both consumer and business confidence reached record highs. His supply-side policies have resulted in median household income growing by 6.8% in 2019, which, as The Wall Street Journal has noted, is the largest annual increase on record.

The disaggregated data is quite telling, too. Median household incomes rose the most among Hispanics (7.1%), blacks (7.9%), Asians (10.6%) and foreign-born workers (8.5%). For whites, the increase was 5.7%, while for native-born Americans 6.2%. Minorities are the community that has most profited from the Trump economy. In addition, poverty rates for African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans have reached the lowest levels on record. And, overall, poverty rates during Trump’s first term fell to a 17-year low.

In terms of foreign policy, Trump has done more in pursuit of peace than any other president. He is the first U.S. president in more than three decades to not start a new war. His foreign policy accomplishments include peace agreements in the Middle East between Israel and several Arab countries (most notably, the United Arab Emirates). Trump even eradicated the Islamic State and authorized the murder of terrorists such as ISIS leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi and Qasem Soleimani.

Image by Priyam Patel from Pixabay.

The U.S. president has also, valiantly, stood up to China, pushing other world leaders to form a coalition against the Asian dragon’s attempt at world domination. His decoupling goal is a painful but necessary policy that would be undone under a Biden presidency. (Without Trump, China would be encouraged to resume its expansionary actions.) Trump has also put sanctions on communist regimes and has taken on Iran by pulling out of Obama’s Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, a short-sighted policy disaster that would have resulted in a nuclear Iran in just a matter of years.

According to a recent Gallup poll, 56% of Americans say they are better off now compared to four years ago. America is certainly stronger and better off today than four years ago. But beyond the U.S., it is in the interest of every freedom lover in the world for Trump to be re-elected — so that the balance of power remains in the West. With a weak Europe, this burden clearly falls upon America.

Trump is certainly not a conventional president. Yet he is an epochal one. Certainly, he has defined an age and disrupted the expectations of the establishment. Yet his biggest achievement may be the fact that he has re-awakened a long-dormant sense of belonging, of attachment to tradition and history, to family and friendships. An individual is nothing without the sense of kinship that he develops over time and with the remembrance of things past. Donald Trump has reminded us all to cherish our families, protect our communities, and love our countries — because if we care for them, then the world can become a better place.  ◼️