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A Conservative Antidote for ‘Woke’ Politics by Tom Van Grieken

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A Conservative Antidote for ‘Woke’ Politics

Photo: Vlaams Belang, CC BY 2.0 via Flickr

I need to start with an apology. I suspect you find it a bit atypical, but I would like to apologize for some well-known Belgian export products. (No, not for chocolate, beer, or French fries.)

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to apologize for the European officials that my country has delivered in the past. I would like to apologize for both unelected presidents of the European Council, Mr. Herman Van Rompuy and Mr. Charles Michel.

But most of all, I feel the need to apologize for the worst political export product of them all: the liberal windbag Guy Verhofstadt.

Please accept my profound apologies and believe me when I tell you that those characters are in no way representative of my people, the Flemish people.

The three ‘export products’ I mentioned, have certain things in common. They were all prime ministers of Belgium in a past life and they all pursued a career in the European institutions. But the most important thing that they have in common is that they were not only voted away by the people of my country, but some of them were even chased away. And at the end, each of them left our country behind in a worse condition.

Decent people would lower their tone of voice after such an embarrassment. But not people like Mr. Charles Michel. These people are still lecturing popular heads of state.

People like Guy Verhofstadt make themselves feel important at the expense of the Hungarian people. How dare they?

People who lost election after election in their own country, feel the need to lecture those who actually WIN election after election in theirs.

People who are only backed by unelected EU-officials, have no right whatsoever to lecture Mr. Orbán who is backed by the overwhelming majority of the Hungarian people! It is no wonder that conservatives meet together in Budapest of all places. At this moment, Hungary is the heart of the conservative resistance against the globalist agenda. If there is a conservative revival in Europe, it is without a doubt the most visible here in Hungary.

What a brave people are the Hungarian people. They have sent out a very clear message to Europe and the rest of the world. They’ve shown them very clearly that Hungary is their land. And nobody can tell them how to live their lives and how to sculpt their own future! It is truly impressive. It is a true inspiration for us all! They are the freedom fighters of the 21st century!

We conservatives should be well aware about the strategy of the globalists.

We have the obligation to expose the doctrine of the elite of the European Union.

Former president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker (for once, not a Belgian) even explained–in a rare flash of honesty–how they do it; I quote: 

Most people don’t understand what has been decided by the EU and if no one kicks up a fuss, we continue step by step until there is no turning back.

And that’s exactly what they do.

If our beloved continent, Europe, experiences difficult times, their solution is simple and always the same: “We need more political union, more power to the European Union.” And if our Europe experiences prosperous times, you hear the same thing: “We need more political union, more power to the European Union.”

So it doesn’t matter. If the times are good or the times are bad, in the end, the result in their mind is always the same: more power and centralization in the EU and less sovereignty for nation-states.

The reality is … the European Union has never been the solution. They had no solution for financial crises. They had no solution for the migration crisis. They had no solution for the health crisis.

Now, they don’t have a solution for the current energy crisis. The European Union is not the solution, but the problem!

So, we need less centralization and power to the EU, and instead, more freedom and sovereignty for nation-states that can then cooperate on their own terms.

Ask yourself a question: when did our continent experience the darkest times? I’ll tell you: every time imperialists tried to unify our Europe with force, against the will of the people. When globalists denied the unique identity of the European people and destroyed national sovereignty. Whether it was Nazi Germany, whether it was Soviet Russia, or the European Union today.

And when did our Europe flourish? When free and proud nations respected each other’s identity and sovereignty. When we had a healthy economic competition with mutual respect.

The globalist idea of one size fits all never worked—and will never work—for Europe. Marxists, imperialists, globalists. They all base their worldview only on economics. They see mankind as a universal economic product. They believe in socially engineered societies and they want to destroy organically formed societies and traditions that developed through history.

On every level. In Western Europe, we have heard it all. History should be rewritten. Statues of heroes should be removed. Street names replaced. Christmas markets are now called Winter markets. Our traditions are too old fashioned and outdated.

It is astounding to say this, but just simply defending the fact that there are only two sexes, male and female, could be considered almost revolutionary these days. We are told that we should all just accept the artificial concept of ‘gender.’ I’m glad I didn’t need to do it here, but in some places, you are now forced to ask someone’s pronouns to be polite.

Striving to be as ‘woke’ and ‘politically correct’ as possible has become the main goal. Everything that doesn’t fit that agenda, is being stamped as ‘fake news.’ The statement “Men can’t have babies” is being called fake news by these same people, so go figure.

All these things serve one purpose: to destroy and erase what is important to us. And what is more important than family? Let me share a little anecdote. When my son was born, I had to fill in papers to register him. All good. But then I read them. There was a place to fill in the name of the mother, and I, the father, was reduced to being ‘parent number two.’

It is clear that, more than ever, we need an antidote against this destructive force. That antidote is already present in Hungary, where common sense reigns and enjoys the full support of the people. But that antidote needs to be administered to the rest of Europe.

We conservatives are the antidote! We are the antidote for globalism and multiculturalism. We are the antidote for the woke madness and the self-hate.

And if we stand shoulder to shoulder, we stand for something bigger and more important than just winning the next election.

We stand to preserve what is good, out of respect for our parents and grandparents. And we stand for a better future for our children and grandchildren.

We are the GOOD GUYS! Never forget that. We should not be afraid to claim the moral high ground because we already have it.

We defend things worth fighting for. 

We defend freedom of speech.

We defend the nation-state. 

We defend Christianity.

We defend traditional families.

We defend our people, our culture, our heritage.

And—never forget—if we don’t fight, our children will never have the possibility to fight. Tradition and conservatism are not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire.

Tom Van Grieken is the president of the Vlaams Belang party.

This commentary was adapted from a speech given by the author on May 20, 2022, at CPAC Hungary.