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“The best and only weapon against progressivism is the Truth”: An Interview with Patrick Edery by Patrick Edery

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"The best and only weapon against progressivism is the Truth":
An Interview with Patrick Edery

'Monument of Christ the King' (Pomnik Chrystusa Króla) in Świebodzin, Poland.

Does France have an issue with freedom of expression?

Freedom of expression still exists, but the areas where one can exercise it are constantly shrinking, especially if you are conservative, patriotic, or Catholic; when you are all three, it is almost non-existent. Some news channels still invite dissenting voices, and there are also some websites where freedom of expression is still possible, but these are immediately classified as ‘far right.’ ‘Conspiracy’ is the new buzzword to discredit dissenting voices that oppose the establishment, a very humiliating assessment indeed. You can almost say whatever you want, but you will only be heard if it is politically correct; if not, you will be ostracized and firmly excluded from public debate.

In the name of freedom, tolerance, and the ‘fight against hatred,’ all nonconforming discourse is stifled. Speaking the truth about Islam or immigration will lead you to be immediately summoned to appear before a court. It is incredible how strong self-censorship is due to social pressure in France but also how resolute legal and physical threats are from those called ‘Islamo-leftists’ who collate Antifa, Islamists, and the extreme left.

Can we speak of a progressive totalitarianism in France?

It is true that most institutions, the media, and leading companies are led by progressive thinkers who thus monopolize all the positions of responsibility in the mainstream media, the judicial system, the authorities, schools, universities, political parties, and trade unions. Also, if you do not repeat the progressive credo, you exclude yourself from all responsible positions regardless of your qualities, experiences, or skills.

On the other hand, the ‘non-progressives’ are not yet condemned to prison: they can still publish articles and books and have some room, albeit limited, to express themselves. Thus, it is most accurate to speak of a ‘soft’ totalitarianism.

For me, France has become a progressive ‘technocracy,’ or a regime where the technocrats have taken power and rule at all levels of society while instituting the tyranny of a progressive utopia, a world without borders where gender parity is a requirement everywhere, except in the family.

In this world, all of society’s problems are rooted in racism and sexism. This is why all organizations must participate in the indoctrination, social engineering, as well as in the re-education of individuals by all possible means, because it is about the establishment of heaven on earth. And anyone who finds this project insane is considered an enemy of all of humanity and must be treated as such.

Do the protests of French Catholics against the ban on the Mass give hope for the future?

Any peaceful uprising against the current system is virtuous, especially coming from French Catholics, most of whom have supported Macron until now. This may seem incredible considering the policies of Macron’s party on surrogacy and medically assisted reproduction, or regarding the killing of nine-month-old unborn babies in their mother’s womb for ‘psychosocial’ reasons.

In France, Catholics tend to belong to the wealthy classes, and Macron’s policy has been quite beneficial to their wallets. Moreover, in France, many fall in line with Pope Francis, who considers the Church a large humanitarian NGO which is not there to evangelize but to establish heaven on earth, a vision quite close to that of the progressive thinkers and Macron.

In France, as in Poland, there are two Churches: that of Pope Francis, which is more active at the political level than at the evangelical level, and another one that has out of fidelity remained silent until now and which we would describe as conservative.

It is interesting to notice that this ‘second Church’ is waking up, from the bishop to the rank-and-file believer. I think that growing numbers of us feel that we are reaching a pivotal moment in Western history. Regardless of what path we choose together, the outcome will inevitably be tragic. Also, many Catholics are concentrating on the essential in these troubled and uncertain times. We must therefore see, in my opinion, a hope for the preservation of French Catholicism beyond the long storm that is to come.

Is there anything left of the Yellow Vests movement?

Yes. This movement was fundamental in the most literal and unmitigated sense of the term. It helped to unmask progressive power, its lies, violence, impunity, arrogance, incompetence, amorality, venality, accomplice media, nepotism, and the mafia spirit that animates it.

Could Polish conservatism inspire French conservatives?

The French are originally also very conservative and closely watch how Polish society is changing day by day. The machine of progressivism works like a bulldozer that nothing and no one has stopped for the moment. But that is normal. Progressive thinkers have united around the world to make their insane values ​​prevail and win the battle of ideas.

Although they constitute a majority in many countries, conservatives are obliged to assess themselves through the distorted prism of the media where progressive intellectuals caricature or demonize them. As a result, they find themselves too good to form an alliance within their own country and are even less tempted to seek this alliance with their foreign counterparts. Conservative intellectuals and influencers were also wiped out by the progressivist hordes, who co-opted themselves step by step into international institutions, universities, the media, political parties, and corporations.

The best example is present-day Poland. While foreign advocates of progressivism are blatantly involved at all levels of Polish society, Polish conservatives refuse to do the same in progressive countries. They believe it is better to hide, be forgotten, and not attract the attention of the Western progressive monster. This strategy has been a total failure. The progressives only have the place that we leave them. And Polish conservatives, like those of other countries, gave them all the room, refusing to fight and to support each other.

Poland has declined to become the European leader of conservatism, but it can still do so if only it changes the paradigm: it must understand that the information war against Poland is part of a global war against the Truth (with a capital T).

The best and only weapon against progressivism is the Truth. It is impossible for Poland to win alone; nevertheless, it is increasingly likely that it will lose alone. We are facing a progressive mafia engaged in the manipulation of entire populations using a pseudo-religion in which more and more Westerners believe and are ready to deploy all forms of violence to impose. Poland should not step back anymore, not by an inch. May the real Poland refute all fake news everywhere and by all possible means and show that the Truth is on its side. May it stop believing that it is possible to negotiate with progressive governments. May it instead put pressure on them by addressing their populations through their native conservatives.

Today, Poland is presented as an anti-Semitic, homophobic, xenophobic, national-Catholic, and authoritarian country. Nevertheless, it still has a window of freedom of expression to denounce these lies in the form of the internet and especially the social media. It is not expensive to run, and the younger generations overwhelmingly favor these platforms over television and print media.

This window of opportunity will not last long, however; thus, it is vital to invest this space by all means. Poland cannot fall into the traps set for it by the progressives referring to the rule of law. There is no need to justify itself, as 98% of people are not interested in this subject, anyway. It is better to communicate, like Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán does, along the fact that you are under attack because you are Europe’s last battlements against the massive immigration desired by the elites in Brussels as well as the institutionalization of gender theories and objectification of children.

You must make other Europeans aware that if your battlements fall, their way of life will disappear. You should convince Christians that you are the last European country to promote Christian values and demonstrate that these values ​​are not obsolete; in specific terms, they make Poland a country where life is worth living. Poland needs to emphasize that it has a flourishing economy and is the safest country with the fewest rape cases; the civic spirit still exists there.

Does the current attack by Brussels and the German elite against Poland and Hungary result from fear of conservatism?

I don’t know about fear, but certainly hate. You are both the sum of everything the progressives hate; you are resisting the advent of a European Empire and are the main threat hanging over its leader, Germany. That is a lot.

On the one hand, as far as progressivism goes, you are going against all the creeds of this pseudo-religion: a world without borders, which has decided to break with its Christian roots and to deny that the primordial, fundamental cell of all societies is the family consisting of a man and a woman who want to have children. You will easily understand that in this Europe, which has ultimately decided to commit suicide, Poland remains a blot on the landscape.

The debate is vicious, contradictory, and pluralistic. Political correctness does not rule here. The high technocracy has been called back to its duty, to serve and not to serve itself. In reality, everything that has made Europe great and rich is becoming the object of systematic deconstruction by the advocates of progressivism.

Freedom of expression is being censored by political correctness; democracy is distorted following the wishes of technocrats of high jurisdictions; the nation is reduced to a fascist concept; and Christianity is considered an unhealthy and worn-out. And the goal is hardly hidden; President Macron, the leader of the progressives of the world, never fails to repeat it: Europe needs a new foundation. 

This new Europe is at war with the nation-states; the goal seems to be the creation of a multi-ethnic European Empire, the trailblazer of a universal world empire. Any European nation-state that claims to be a nation-state represents a threat to it, especially if it refuses the multi-ethnicity of such an Empire. The height of horror for all imperial officials is defending your Christian roots that Western Europe has already rejected in order to integrate the greatest possible number of Muslim immigrants with minimal conflict; it is about creating a new rootless European who believes in progressivism and serves the Empire as an ideal citizen.

Finally, you are challenging Germany, the Emperor, whose power rests on its mercantilist frenzy. The goal of a mercantilist policy is to achieve the highest possible excess of trade balance in order to enrich one’s economy. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Germany monopolized more than 20% of global trade surpluses (more than China with 14%) despite representing 1.1% of the world’s population. To do this, it has become the industrial commander of Europe by subjugating the latter. It massively imports intermediate quality but low-cost goods, assembles them at home by way of high value-added operations, and resells them in the high-end market sector.

Thus, the European markets are not so much the outlets for it but rather cheap suppliers. This policy condemns the other European countries: if they want to stay in the game, they need to shrink their margins, moderate wages, and make their labor markets more flexible.

It is, therefore, absolutely necessary for Germany to continue to convince its partners within the EU that, as a matter of fact, this policy is in their best interest. This policy, through the injustice it inevitably generates, is neither tenable nor sustainable. Unfortunately, Germany does not plan to reform itself to reduce this major macroeconomic imbalance; it prefers to do everything it can to capture as much cash as possible for as long as possible via the excess trade balance. This headlong rush perverts the whole European project because it compels German democracy to control the European administration.

All the commissioners know by now that they cannot be appointed or reappointed against Germany’s will, and the key posts in the European Union are held, or will soon be held, by the Germans. Hungary and Poland are two crucial actors of German industry, so Germany must control them, especially in connection with the cost of wages increasing dangerously and jeopardizing the German mercantilist model. Thanks to the smear campaign and the action of the European Commission, it is now commonly accepted by all that European funds must be drastically reduced for these countries to reduce their growth and therefore the costs of labor. This will allow Germany to maintain its mercantilist model and therefore maintain its hegemony in Europe.

Frankly, given the forces involved, your case is hopeless, and the chances of winning the game for Western conservatives, who are really just what used to be called democrats, are next to nil. The only chance of reversing the situation in less than a generation would be if Trump managed to create a current that survived him, one we may call ‘Trumpism.’

Then, the true democrats would wake up all over Europe and create ‘hearths of insurrection’ that overflow the ‘Empire;’ all should follow the same battle plan of re-information and of fighting for the Truth and shall be coordinated as effectively as an army. And it has to be done in less than a generation. Afterwards, it will be too late: the progressives will have destroyed the States so efficiently that real power will be in the hands of big corporations with the means to control the populations.

Do you think it is possible to renew the European Union and return to the spiritual values ​​based on which it was founded?

In the 1980s, the Soviet Union seemed indestructible, but it disappeared all the same. This is what will happen to progressivism in perhaps ten, twenty, or fifty years, not more than that. Wherever progressivism reigns, societies and states are slowly but surely disintegrating already.

The effects of progressivism are the same everywhere: division of the nation and deconstruction of society and solidarity. The real question is: what will replace it? At the time of the collapse of the USSR, there was the West, which was economically and intellectually strong and confident in its power.

Today, we have three essential players on the global stage. First, there is Islam, which has replaced communism as the primary ideological opponent of capitalism and is appealing to some European inhabitants with Islamic origins. This should create recurring and violent religious unrest, but a priori no more than that.

Next, there is China, which is becoming more and more hegemonic and increasingly turning into the factory of the world, especially with the COVID pandemic. However, in the next hundred years, we should not be its priority playground.

Last but not least, there are the great patrons and supporters of progressivism, the GAFAM (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft). Their size is now so phenomenal that they have become equal to states. Worse, they now have an almost unassailable lead over states: the power to predict and influence possible futures. Their almost unlimited access to Big Data, their computing power, their unparalleled advance in “machine learning” and artificial intelligence allow them to predict even influence the future or, rather, futures.

Can you imagine the information Google or Microsoft have about you? Google and Facebook know much more about you than your best friend! They are able to prioritize your access to certain information and therefore condition your opinions, judgments, indignation, and interests. Via machine learning, they can predict possible futures but also test several scenarios to then influence the future of all of us. The day when our States will have become weak due to the inefficiencies of the progressives and the recurring social, religious, and economic unrest, you will be happy to fall back on these large firms.

Like Netflix, they will offer you a subscription to ensure your safety, your health, the education of your children, and the management of your home and personal affairs. Through these subscriptions, you will be foretold of the diseases you may have, and you will be recommended a way of life that you will be asked to follow. The less you follow it, the more your subscription will cost you, because the more likely you are in need of medical attention. It will be almost impossible to hide to eat some chocolate or smoke a cigarette because you will be tracked all the time. 

These companies already hold the technologies for a total control of populations, so imagine how all this will be in twenty years from now. These firms, like progressivism, have an interest in individualizing us and destroying all solidarities that could oppose them. Note that the ultimate goal of progressives may seem enticing: make each of us a being without limitation of our rights. But to do this, it requires destroying family-based, religious, and national solidarity, only to create a human being without obligations, without faith, and without identity. In the end, we will be alone in this kind of world, isolated, deprived of all solidarity, and therefore at the mercy of the strongest.

Everything suggests that we are going to live in dark times. But, as any action always provokes an equal reaction, I think we can have more than reasonable hope for our heirs.

Patrick Edery is an editorial writer and CEO of Partenaire Europe.

This interview originally appeared in the Polish weekly magazine, Tygodnik Solidarność on 1 March 2021. It was translated from the French version and edited for clarity. It appears here by kind permission of the author and