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We’re looking for Assistant Editors

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We’re looking for Assistant Editors

The European Conservative is looking for Assistant Editors (part-time and full-time) to join our global efforts to expand the “safe space” for conservative intellectuals.

In this role, you will report to the Managing Editor and the Editor-in-Chief, and will be responsible for the review, editing, and refinement of submitted texts for both our print quarterly and our website.

Your primary responsibilities:

• Review, edit, and generally improve, refine, and finalize English-language submissions at various stages of completion by native/non-native English speakers.
• Review and edit content posted in the “News” section of our Homepage, as needed.
• Provide suggestions for headlines, titles, sub-headings, and author bios.
• Proofread typeset magazine before it goes to press.

Other possible responsibilities:

• Find appropriate photos to illustrate submissions.
• Draft short (150-250 words) book reviews.
• Assist with uploading content to our website’s CMS.
• Post story links on social media platforms.
• Assist in the creation of content, copy, and other materials to be used by the Advertising Team in online and social media campaigns.
• Assist in the creation and development of materials, scripts, and texts to be used by Media Team for the production of audio-visual material for the website.

Desired abilities, knowledge, and skills:

• Knowledge of and familiarity with MS Office and Google Drive.
• WordPress experience desired but not necessary.
• Demonstrated proficiency in writing, project management, organizational skills, and time management skills.
• Ability to handle multiple projects and deadlines, and to work effectively independently.
• Excellent written communications.
• Creative, flexible, resourceful, with an eye for detail.
• Discernment and the ability to quickly assess whether a submission is a “diamond in the rough” and needs polishing—or whether it requires too many revisions and re-writing to be able to quickly turn into readable copy.
• Diplomatic skills and the willingness to write suitable, precise, and helpful margin comments on a submission—in order to help authors improve his or her text.
• Ideal if candidate enjoys polishing texts and turning them into scintillating prose, and is interested in literary, philosophical, cultural, and artistic matters, all with a conservative, right-wing, or traditionalist perspective.
• Fluency in English is mandatory; other major European languages useful.

Hours and remuneration:

Part-time role: 5-20 hours per week.
Full-time role: 35-40 hours per week.

  • Remuneration based on skills and experience.
  • Remote work possible.
  • No benefits.

If interested, please send a Cover Letter and your Curriculum Vitae as PDFs or Word documents to:

office (at) europeanconservative (dot) com

A remote interview and editing “test” would be the next steps for shortlisted candidates.


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