Shattered Reflections on Hemingway

By some surfing accident on YouTube, I stumbled on a short black-and-white video of a Cuban journalist conducting a Spanish-language…

A permanent temptation

In Robert Jackson’s 2007 primer on sovereignty (published by Polity Press), the eminent Boston University professor speaks of the challenge of ensuring that those with state power are responsible and prudent. “For those who wield power,” he says, “there is a permanent temptation to abuse their power.”

It is important to remember this in the lead-up to the European elections in May.

Trump: The Great Disruptor

Disruption is natural to life. It is everywhere, and for that we should be thankful.

​Conservatism: An Invitation to the Great Tradition

Sir Roger Scruton

New York: All Points Books, 2018

​The 2018 U.S. mid-term elections​

A range of emotions was likely felt among the polarized electorate in the U.S.

​Monarchy—once and future

It may seem odd to have an American address a gathering of Czech monarchists. Were not the United States born in a revolution against a King? Has not much of our foreign policy for the past century been dedicated to pushing monarchs off their thrones—and keeping them off? How can a patriotic American who claims to love his country possibly favour monarchy?

Yvan Blot (1948-2018)

Yvan Blot, the French politician, civil servant, and man of letters, died on 10 October 2018 aged 70.

The heart of this classic

“[The movie ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’] is a classic that most Americans turn to, each Christmas season. The story of the irreplaceable value of the life of a man and the impact on the lives of countless others. Yet, it seems that the real miracle that is revealed in the film goes often overlooked.” (Bree Dail)

​The Burkean way

While change is inevitable, it should never be abrupt.  History has repeatedly taught us this, particularly in terms of political change.  And…

Le traité transatlantique et autres menaces

Alain de Benoist

Paris: Éditions Pierre-Guillaume de Roux, 2015

Ensayos de Economía Política

Jesús Huerta de Soto

Madrid: Union Editorial, 2015

National Sovereignty & Transatlantic Relations

Sovereignty—especially American sovereignty—stands in the way of creating a better world.  Sovereignty keeps us from developing adequately the institutions we…