Young Fogeys Redeemed

One of the dominant acronyms in the teeming morass of contemporary internet lingo is LARPing—or “Live Action Role Playing.” Originally…

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (1921-2021)

  A brief round-up of some of the tributes published in recent days …   How Prince Philip Saved the…

Ukrainian Identity & Freedom of Speech

Ukraine recently adopted new measures with regard to its official language. The new regulations demand that every private business operate…

The Road to Martyrdom

It is difficult to look back at 2020 without concern for religious liberty. In the first few months of the…

The Madness of Crowds: Gender, Race and Identity

Douglas Murray

London: Bloomsbury, 2019

Thomas Howard (1935-2020)

Tom Howard is dead, and the tributes have been pouring in. I don’t want to repeat the story of his…

Que faire? Vivre avec le déclin de l’Europe

David Engels

Groningen: Blue Tiger Publishing, 2019

The Grassroots Way

“Measure the self with the self, the family with the family, the neighborhood with the neighborhood, the country with the country, and the world with the world.” We read this in Chapter 54 of the classic Chinese text, the  Daodejing — often misunderstood as a metaphysical treatise on methods of self-improvement but better understood as a work of political philosophy.

Reason, Faith, and the Struggle for Western Civilization

Samuel Gregg

Washington, D.C.: Regnery, 2019

Sardinha & Portuguese Traditionalism

It was the spring of 1913, and the republican political elites in Portugal were getting restless. They had established their…

When Cancel Culture ‘Gets Real’

The freedom to say only things that do not offend is not a freedom worth having. While the German media…