La Nouvelle Librairie

On Thursday, 1 August, the small but well-stocked Parisian bookstore, La Nouvelle Librairie, celebrated its one-year anniversary. With friends, supporters, and clients stopping by for the celebration, the decidedly right-wing bookstore demonstrated that there is indeed a growing demand for the books, periodicals, and other materials that it makes available for purchase.

There is, it seems, an alternative to the cultural dominance of the French left — even in the Latin Quarter.

Toward a ‘National Conservatism’

The inaugural conference of the Edmund Burke Foundation, focusing on ‘national conservatism’, began Sunday evening and will conclude on Tuesday, July 16. Spearheaded by Israeli political philosopher Yoram Hazony, the conference brings together some of the world’s leading social and political thinkers.

European Populists Emerge Victorious

On Sunday, May 26, European voters went to the polls for the last day in this year’s electoral cycle.  While…

Macron’s denial of God

“The fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris overshadowed other European news topics […] Mr. Macron claimed in [a] speech, decrying the damage on this magnificent building, that it represents France’s history, literature, aspirations, and the place of all great moments in the country’s history. However, he omitted its principal function — as a place of worship to God.” (Prince Michael von und zu Liechtenstein)

Paul Hollander (1932-2019)

The Hungarian-born anti-communist scholar, Paul Hollander, for many years a professor of sociology at the University of Massachusetts (Amherst), passed away last week.

Lee Edwards and Theodore Dalrymple offer two fitting tributes at Law & Liberty and City Journal, respectively.

Notre-Dame Cathedral fire: “It’s kind of our 9/11.”

“[H]owever deplorable this catastrophe may be, it shocks me less than the profanations of so many churches that are less beautiful, much less spectacular, but which witness a hatred and above all a stupidity that are very worrisome. Indeed, I am surprised by how little noise these acts of vandalism elicit. It is as if we were dealing with the most natural thing in the world.” (Rémi Brague)

Benedict XVI’s “post-retirement encyclical”

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI is not going to stay silent during the Catholic Church’s most recent and ongoing crisis.  According to several reports published late last night, he has drafted a 6,000-word document which he intends to publish in Klerusblatt, a monthly periodical for clergy in Bavarian dioceses. An English-language version was sent to various media outlets.

Immigration’s real question

“I came away with the impression that Europeans are trying to fight something with nothing. Islamist terrorism is a national security issue but what to do about Islam as a religion? To what should radical Islam be reformed? As far as I could tell, only one speaker spoke of a ‘Christian Europe’ that should combat abortion, euthanasia, pornography and same-sex marriage.” (Kishore Jayabalan)

Budapest Summit on Migration

The Budapest Summit on Migration, organized by Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC) ended just a few days ago. Yet we are still reeling from the facts and figures presented there by numerous speakers. The situation in Europe — thanks in part to Angela Merkel — is far worse than we had imagined.

FAFCE’s ‘Vote for Family’ Campaign

The European Federation of Catholic Family Associations (FAFCE) recently announced its EU-wide campaign in the lead-up to the European elections of 23-26 May. The campaign, ‘Vote for Family’, seeks “more family-responsive policies within the framework of the EU competences,” according to FAFCE’s Vice-President, Vincenzo Bassi.

The cause of Europe’s crisis

This essay appears on the website of “One of Us”, a European Citizens’ Initiative launched in 2014 to defend life beginning at conception:

“Today’s man needs to return to [the truth], come back from remote aims of biotechnological research and the misleading worship of scientific idolatry to the reality of everyday life.” (Anna Kováčová)

What Sir Roger wants from architecture

A short excerpt from Sir Roger Scruton’s latest contribution (bp) to the Spectator:

“Our need for belonging is part of what we are and it is the true foundation of aesthetic judgment. Lose sight of it and we risk building an environment in which function triumphs over all other values, the aesthetic included.”