Reason, Faith, and the Struggle for Western Civilization

Samuel Gregg

Washington, D.C.: Regnery, 2019

Sardinha & Portuguese Traditionalism

It was the spring of 1913, and the republican political elites in Portugal were getting restless. They had established their…

When Cancel Culture ‘Gets Real’

The freedom to say only things that do not offend is not a freedom worth having. While the German media…

The Patriotism of St. John Paul II

Barely nine months after being elected pope, John Paul II embarked on his first journey back to his homeland —…

Blessed Charles of Austria: A Holy Emperor and His Legacy

Charles Coulombe

Gastonia, N.C.: TAN Books, 2020

Patriotism & National Identity

Ethnic identity and national identity are two principles that have always sat uncomfortably together in my life. I was born…

‘Oikos’ & Sweden’s Conservative Revival

Earlier this year, a new conservative think-tank was launched in Sweden with the name of Oikos, which means ‘home’ in…

On Religious Freedom: An Interview with Augusto Del Noce

The following interview with Italian philosopher Augusto Del Noce appeared in the December 1987 issue of the Spanish language publication, Litterae Communionis. An English language translation was then prepared and published online on 15 December 2020 in the quarterly journal, Humanum.

Rebuilding Christian Europe

For decades now, Christian leaders—especially those in the Catholic hierarchy—have capitulated to the secularist whims of politicians and representatives of…

Removing the Veil of Islamism

Les Mureaux, a small dormitory city 35 km away from Paris, is a charmless French banlieue of 32,000 inhabitants where 100 nationalities coexist. It is also the place where President Emmanuel Macron chose to deliver a speech on the 4th of October. The landmark intervention — one to be remembered — was a lucid, courageous, and alarming diagnosis of the corrosive impact of radical Islam in France.

Misdirected Religion

The late Sir Roger Scruton (1944-2020), perhaps the greatest conservative philosopher of our age (though he often remarked that there…

The Chinese Elephant in the Room

On the last day of September, U.S Ambassador to the Holy See Callista Gingrich hosted a symposium in Rome entitled…