The Western Abdication of Natural Rights

Thomas Jefferson, while not recognizing any established religion in the newly created United States, realized that in order to enact laws that would ensure the ‘unalienable’ and ‘self-evident’ natural rights, they could not separate themselves from God and his natural law.  But today, the Western body politic has altogether abandoned that natural law.

The Spengler Society & Michel Houellebecq

After decades of relative neglect, Oswald Spengler is being remembered as one of the undisputed key thinkers of the 20th century—and as a philosopher whose predictions about the future of the West seem to fulfil themselves at a surprising speed.

Trump: The Great Disruptor

Disruption is natural to life. It is everywhere, and for that we should be thankful.

​The 2018 U.S. mid-term elections​

A range of emotions was likely felt among the polarized electorate in the U.S.

​Monarchy—once and future

It may seem odd to have an American address a gathering of Czech monarchists. Were not the United States born in a revolution against a King? Has not much of our foreign policy for the past century been dedicated to pushing monarchs off their thrones—and keeping them off? How can a patriotic American who claims to love his country possibly favour monarchy?

Shattered reflections on Hemingway

By some surfing accident on YouTube, I stumbled on a short black-and-white video of a Cuban journalist conducting a Spanish-language…

National Sovereignty & Transatlantic Relations

Sovereignty—especially American sovereignty—stands in the way of creating a better world.  Sovereignty keeps us from developing adequately the institutions we…

Europe as a Cultural Morgue: An Interview with Anthony Esolen

What is your opinion about President Trump’s first year? I don’t write much about politics, because ours is almost irredeemably…

​Legitimizing What is Human: An Interview with Rèmi Brague

​”Every time society has gotten rid of the divine we have seen it return as unfriendly divinities demanding human sacrifice.”…

At the European Freedom Awards: An Interview with Nigel Farage

On the 4th of November 2016, members of various Eurosceptic parties met at a gala event in Stockholm — ironically,…

Repurposing Europe

For the Frenchmen who lived through World War II, the defining event of their lives was quintessentially political. It was the great refusal, embodied by General Charles de Gaulle, to accept the defeat of June 1940. With that refusal came a determined commitment to re-establish national sovereignty. This was more than a matter of overthrowing German occupation. As de Gaulle recognized, it required Frenchmen to recover the spiritual independence of…

A Vindication of Edmund Burke

“All circumstances taken together, the French Revolution is the most astonishing that has hitherto happened in the world.” These words,…