What are European Values? An Interview with Todd Huizinga

One of the most controversial topics today is the definition of what Western values are. While some associate these values…

Biblical Principles and Dutch Politics

In early January 2019, a media firestorm erupted in the Netherlands over a document authored in — of all places…

Orwell’s Final Days

For a man who breathed his last at the young age of 46, Eric Arthur Blair — better known as…

Truth and Appearances

This following interview was recently conducted with Emma Cohen de Lara, editor of a new collection of Dutch language essays titled Plato en den sofisten.

Global Mass Psychosis

The following interview with Juris Rudevskis was originally published in Latvian on July 6 and 7 in the daily Neatkarígá.…

Is Communism ‘Cool’?

Humberto Fontova was born in Havana, Cuba, in 1954 and escaped Castro’s revolution with his family in 1961. Fontova’s politically themed books include Fidel: Hollywood’s Favorite Tyrant (2005), Exposing the Real Che Guevara and the Useful Idiots Who Idolize Him (2007), and The Longest Romance: The Mainstream Media and Fidel Castro (2013). Two of them have been translated and published internationally — and have made Fontova the ‘go-to-guy’ on Cuban affairs.

Misunderstanding Bannon

It has been nearly three years since Steve Bannon was pushed (or jumped) out of the Trump Administration. Since then,…

Scion of the French Right

Marion Maréchal is one of the most interesting people on the political scene today. And as speculation about an eventual political challenge to Macron rises, and she increasingly appears at major conservative conferences around the world to articulate “the Marion line,” I myself have become more interested in finding out what she believes and exploring her views in-depth. So, I requested an interview—and Maréchal kindly agreed.

Secular Progressivism vs. Conservative Populism

A Zicht Interview

In my view, the principal cause of the crisis of democracy in the West — in North America as well as in Europe — is that we have lost the largely Judeo-Christian commitment to the idea that there is such a thing as an authoritative, objective body of truth to which all human beings are subject, regardless of how they might feel or what they might prefer. The postmodern suspicion that truth is not really truth, but simply a tool to assert power, is the heart of identity politics and multiculturalism.

A ‘Safe Space’ in Hungary

An Interview with Balázs Orbán, Deputy Minister of the Hungarian Prime Minister’s Office

Most of the elites in Brussels today — guided by a doctrine called ‘progressive ideology’ — believe that the only legitimate answer to our current problems is ‘more Europe’. They are no longer interested in what the people think or in the idea of compromise. This is what lies behind the constant attacks against Hungary.

Europe as a Cultural Morgue: An Interview with Anthony Esolen

What is your opinion about President Trump’s first year? I don’t write much about politics, because ours is almost irredeemably…

​Legitimizing What is Human: An Interview with Rèmi Brague

​”Every time society has gotten rid of the divine we have seen it return as unfriendly divinities demanding human sacrifice.”…