Issue 19

Summer 2021 edition. Full-colour, 100+ pages.


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Europe’s premier conservative English-language journal of philosophy, politics, and the arts, The European Conservative publishes articles, essays, interviews, and reviews that illuminate the different varieties of conservative, traditionalist, reactionary, and right-wing thought from across Europe and around the world. Our interests are primarily academic, intellectual, theoretical.


It is also published online, with additional emphasis on news and analysis, and new content weekly. Digital-only subscriptions, which include access to all our premium online content and our archives, are also available.

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    The Summer 2021 edition of the publication—Issue 19—includes columns by Anthony Daniels, Charles A. Coulombe, David Engels, and Mark Dooley; features essays by Ryszard Legutko on “Liberalism and Liberty” and Jonathon Van Maren on “Europe’s Pro-Life Battlegrounds,” as well as Karl-Peter Schwarz on Dante, Kurt Hofer on “Spain’s Imperial Decline,” Brazil’s José Lorêdo Filho on the “Politics of Traditionalism,” and András Lánczi on nature and the environment; revisits speeches by Todd Huizinga on conservatism and Christianity, Marc Jongen on “Germany’s Identity Disorder,” and the late Sir Roger Scruton on the “Sacred, the Profane, and the Desecrated”; and, as always, it ends with numerous reviews, long and short, of books, old and new. (This time, however, we are also offering our brief takes on wine and whisky.)


    Never ones to forget the past or those who came before us, we also offer three tributes to HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, courtesy of Andrew Cusack; Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks by André P. DeBattista; and Sir Peregrine Worsthorne by John O’Sullivan.

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