human dignity

The cause of Europe’s crisis

This essay appears on the website of “One of Us”, a European Citizens’ Initiative launched in 2014 to defend life beginning at conception:

“Today’s man needs to return to [the truth], come back from remote aims of biotechnological research and the misleading worship of scientific idolatry to the reality of everyday life.” (Anna Kováčová)

Western Suttee: Against a ‘Right’ to be Killed

On March 30, 2011, a team of doctors euthanized a Belgian couple at their request. The 83-year-old man suffered from terminal prostate cancer. His 78-year-old wife, although suffering from severe rheumatism, was not terminally ill. But she did not want to live with-out her husband. This became the first official, public instance of co-euthanasia in Western Europe. The death announcement in the newspaper stated that they “choose to end it…