About Us

The European Conservative is a monthly online and occasional print publication jointly published by the Center for European Renewal (CER) and the Center for Transatlantic Renewal (CTR).

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The European Conservative seeks to serve as an outlet for many varieties of ‘conservatism’ — including but not limited to agrarianism, classical liberalism, constitutional monarchism, distributism, libertarianism, radical localism, and traditionalism.  It is steadfastly committed to renewing Western culture, and seeks to promote conservative and Christian thinkers and ideas from Europe, the Americas and other areas of the world.

Despite the diversity of linguistic traditions in Europe, the common language of the journal is English (in both its UK and U.S. forms), which is the default language of most international activities today.  This, however, does not preclude the editors from posting, on occasion, material in other European languages.  In fact, it is one of our objectives to preserve linguistic diversity, and to promote knowledge and understanding of the world’s many great languages.

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The Center for Transatlantic Renewal (CTR) is a non-partisan educational and research organization which seeks to empower conservative, Christian and other religious voices in the transatlantic public square.  Originally founded in 2013 as the Transatlantic Christian Council, the CTR seeks to protect the West’s many civilizational achievements, including limited government, fundamental freedoms, personal responsibility, religious freedom, and human dignity.  It is incorporated as a 501(c)(3) organization in the United States.

The Center for European Renewal (CER) is an independent, non-profit, non-partisan, educational, and cultural organization dedicated to the Western ideal of a civilized, humane, and free society.  The CER thus seeks to nurture in successive generations of Europeans an understanding of and devotion to the truth and wisdom embedded in the Western intellectual and moral tradition. It is organized as a charitable foundation under the laws of the Netherlands.  For more information on the CER, click here.

The CTR and the CER also collaborate in the Vanenburg Meeting, an annual conference of conservatives from Europe and North America.