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Facing Down the World Health Organization by Benjamin Harnwell

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Facing Down
the World Health Organization

The WHO’s Executive Board Room.

Photo: Courtesy of Thorkild Tylleskar, licensed under CCA-SA 3.0 Unported.

The Sunday Times, one of the UK’s most authoritative newspapers, in a model example of old-school investigative journalism, published last week a deeply-researched exposé on China’s infiltration of the World Health Organization (WHO) over many years.

When the COVID-19 pandemic first broke out, the WHO amazed many by brazenly prioritizing the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) political interests over the health of the world’s population. This is the same shameless policy the WHO has more or less maintained up to the present day.

The notion therefore that ‘evil nationalists’ across the world, led by Donald Trump, are aiming to recklessly shatter an honest and competent international rules-based order is useful only for those who profit from this order.

All the supranational bodies—EU, UN, WTO, WHO, etc.—are little more than nourishment for an infestation of parasites, lurking behind the guise of bien-pensant internationalism, greedily gorging on the life and vitality of the peoples they unconvincingly claim to serve.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, World Health Organization Director-General.

Photo: Courtesy of MONUSCO Photos, licensed under CCA-SA 2.0 Generic.

For example, one immediately calls to mind Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus himself, the WHO’s Director-General, a communist-backed apparatchik who now ‘earns’ an eye-watering €200,000 a year tax-free salary to act unofficially as Beijing’s man in Geneva. It is difficult to imagine such largess available, even in the public sector, back in Dr. Ghebreyesus’s native Ethiopia.

Patriot Party Italia has called for an immediate stop to Italian taxpayers’ money being disbursed to the WHO until an independent (i.e., CCP-free) investigation uncovers the truth about the Sunday Times’ allegations. Donald Trump was widely pilloried when he suspended U.S. funds to the WHO in April 2020 (subsequently restored by Joe Biden), but the facts have shown he was entirely right to do so.

Supporters of Patriot Party Italia recognise that the worldwide nationalist movement does not want to overthrow a rules-based order that exists to neutrally defend the integrity of international law. They want to see it abolished because they are sick to death of paying for a system that increasingly resembles a criminal racket with open contempt for the very principles its component organizations supposedly exist to protect.

In the case of the WHO, it is clearly no longer fit for purpose.

The days when the Italian Democratic Party (Partito Democratico or PD) can divert national attention away from their lack of any concrete achievements with distractions such as gender-theory legislation on pronouns, citizenship for the children of illegal immigrants born on Italian soil, or higher inheritance taxes on the rich are definitely over.

Of course, that hasn’t stopped them from trying, and the PD has been treating the country to a sort of poor man’s panem et circenses—because after spending years driving the country into the ground, this incompetent and clownish political class doesn’t have money for actual bread or circuses.

But here’s the thing the left wing political parties have all missed: the old reliable headline-grabbers no longer distract the nation’s attention as they once did because they no longer attract even their own traditional left-voting electorate.

For this reason, Patriot Party Italia appeals strongly not only to voters of the traditional Right but equally to voters of the traditional Left.

Homepage of the Patriot Party Italia.

We will care for left-inclined voters and safeguard their interests ourselves. We know that the left-wing parties in which they have placed their trust and support have continuously and mercilessly disappointed them. We share their sadness and disgust over this repeated betrayal.

We focus our energy on the issues that matter to real people—priorities such as national security, which has been so clearly jeopardized by the corruption of the WHO by China, and its representatives in Italy: the Democratic Party, Free and Equal (Liberi e Uguali), the Five Star Movement (Movimento 5 Stelle), and others.

When they are not agitating for the imposition of politically correct pronouns, these parties think only of facilitating the arrival of ever more cheap labour from Africa ready to replace Italian workers, and generously allocating resources (paid for with difficulty by struggling taxpayers) to yesterday’s illegal arrivals.

These things the Italian electorate of the left has never asked of its political representation.

Our supporters—who comprise a sort of convoy movement of ordinary working families drawn from across the whole of the Italian political spectrum—have zero time for political correctness and the ‘woke’ agenda. We know that their principal priority is not pronouns but the urgent need for jobs for those who are out of work, and better jobs for those who have them but who struggle to live on a limited income.

Patriot Party Italia demands new elections immediately to send this rotten, venal, failing and corrupt cabal home. And then we will run the country in the actual interests of the taxpayer rather than the feel-good (but crucifyingly expensive) platitudes of the globalist elites.

The axe is already at the root …

Benjamin Harnwell is international editor of “Steve Bannon’s WarRoom,” the Number 1 political podcast in the U.S. His articles, comments, and observations can be read by following him on GETTR @harnwell or onTwitter @ben_harnwell.


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