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Faith in Victory: the Conservative Renaissance in Europe

We are undeniably living through a conservative and patriotic renaissance. In some places it is more advanced than in others, but nevertheless unstoppable. We can see this in the elections that have been taking place in different countries. We saw it in Hungary during the recent elections when Viktor Orbán extended his absolute majority, and in France too very recently when in front of the whole world Marine Le Pen reached 42% of the vote, in Italy with the unstoppable advance of Fratelli; we are seeing it in Spain with VOX, election after election, in Poland, in the United States, and everywhere else.

There are many signs that this renaissance is happening: but perhaps the greatest sign of all comes from our enemies. They are nervous, extremely nervous. And so they are continually looking for new ways to censor and silence us, even justifying the very act of censorship, which the new Left as a group of spoilt brats now defends as a necessity to protect their falsified democracy.

There are the social media ‘fact-checkers’ that claim to tell us what is true and what is false, those Ministries of Truth showered with subsidies that would have frightened Orwell himself and which serve to construct their empty and sectarian narrative. 

But they are losing. Because no one who is winning needs to censure their opponents. Nor does anyone who thinks their project right and beneficial have to repress those who disagree. Likewise, no one who knows he is doing right needs huge amounts of money and propaganda to convince voters of his programmes. The truth comes out on its own. And the illustration of this fact is us, all of us here. The patriots. 

Despite our success, despite the fact that we are supported by millions of people in our countries, and increasingly so, there is practically no major media outlet in the whole of the West that would have even the slightest sympathy for us, that would try to report objectively on what we propose and what we do. On the contrary, we are always labelled as something that sounds bad: extreme right-wingers, ‘ultras,’ chauvinists, misogynists, xenophobes, Islamophobes, fascists … ‘Policing’ words that the media use not to inform but to demoralise us and to create a certain state of mind in the public. And this is when we are not directly subjected to media silence, which is most of the time. They believe, like the ostrich that buries its head in the ground, that if they do not mention us or talk about us, we will automatically cease to exist and no longer represent an alternative.

But they do not know that the new generation of patriots and conservatives, those of us here, are afraid of neither their words nor their censorship. 

They are wrong. And the proof we have is here in Hungary. There is media plurality in Hungary that I have not seen in any other European country. And when I speak of plurality, I do not mean that there are many media outlets, though there are, but that there is a balance between media with a more patriotic editorial line and media with a markedly globalist approach. We could see this last year when MEPs from all the political groups went on an official European Parliament mission to Budapest. There, we were interviewed by journalists and editors of the main Hungarian newspapers and other media outlets, and we could see that there was a balance of more or less 50-50. In my country, Spain, this is unthinkable due to political interference and the media’s economic interests. It is true that there are some Spanish media that feel a certain sympathy for VOX, but they are digital media or media without much technical reach—none of them are among those we all know as mainstream media.

This is another sign that we are winning. We don’t need to bombard people with propaganda 24/7 to get people to buy into our discourse as the Left does. 

Our victory lies in talking about what concerns our compatriots, not what occupies the elites and bureaucrats: security on the streets, the immigration invasion, unemployment, energy dependency, the relocation of companies, the breakdown of social order, growing Islamism in our cities. 

Our victory is based on common sense, basic and universal truths that have never been questioned and are now denied and fought on all fronts: that working is better than depending on a government subsidy, that order is better than disorder, that boys have penises and girls have vulvas, that a child is better off with a father and a mother, that a strong moral code is better than the emptiness caused by the culture of nihilism and the cancellation of truth, that human beings value more what we have earned than what we receive for free, that the greatest guarantee for diversity is in fact secure borders; that everything that is given to us—our sexuality, our nationality, and our faith—are precious things to protect and defend. 

That, finally, the common good is superior to the sum of individual goods; that the nation is above the lobby; that truth, good, and beauty are those eternal values that, together with human dignity, represent the triumph of faith and reason.

None of these basic truths, shared for millennia, is ‘ultra,’ sexist, or racist—on the contrary, they are the basis of any civilisation, therefore they are the basis of our great civilisation as well.

That these things be said with conviction and heard without manipulation or misinformation is enough to make the people connect with us. 

That is why Viktor Orbán not only wins but triumphs and improves his results election after election. Orbán does not need to bombard Hungarians with massive doses of daily propaganda to continue to win the trust of the people, as the Left does all over the world; it is enough for him to simply tell it like it is. 

And this is what differentiates him from other types of rulers, who despite having incalculable financial, media, and cultural resources and support, despite possessing wealth and controlling all the international organisations, starting with the European Union, despite having all this immense apparatus on their side firing ideological fodder non-stop, barely manage to reach 30% or 40% of the vote, even if they manage to take over the government thanks to unnatural alliances.

The Left, the globalists, the smug fake elites are so nervous because they are beginning to realise their defeat. Until now they have promised themselves great happiness, thinking that nothing mattered outside their ideological bubble. But now they know that we have lost our fear of them, that we have seen through their bluff, and that their dirty tricks no longer work as they used to. And faced with this, they step on the accelerator and press on with their agenda of destruction and criminalisation. 

The conservative renaissance is not happening for no reason. It is a reaction to this growing threat. To the globalist agenda that expropriates our sovereignty and our nations, to the climate fanaticism that impoverishes us and makes us dependent on the energy of other countries, to the immigrationist agenda that destroys our neighbourhoods and brings with it insecurity and crime, to the gender ideology that divides men and women and attacks the family, to the culture of death that promotes abortion and euthanasia, to the fierce laicism and anti-clericalism that wants to erase our Christian roots.

Our nations are threatened by a globalism that standardises and impoverishes, a radical individualism that is against our way of life, which is to share, to live in community, and to feel the pride of belonging. In my case, pride of Spain. 

The community, the family, the municipality, the small piece of land where one was born and lives, are part of oneself, and that is why we will not allow it to be swept away by the cold wind of the globalist agenda. 

We must recover the love for the local, respect for the family, pride in a homeland. And it can be done. For though the adversary is very wealthy, it is poor in courage, and it lacks reason. 

We must build an alternative, defending our landscape and local communities, our rich historical and cultural heritage, reclaiming energy and food sovereignty for our nations, without dependence on foreign powers. 

Trade—yes; submission—no. We must reclaim the reindustrialisation of our nations and the return of the many companies that fled to other countries, seeking to maximise profits and leading to the collapse of our economies. 

An alliance that opposes world government and this federal Europe of bureaucrats who believe that politics is an Excel sheet. 

We know that politics is soul, passion, tradition, and faith. Blind faith in victory. May God protect us and give us the strength to continue until the end. 

This commentary is based on a speech given at CPAC Hungary on May 20, 2022. It has been edited for length and clarity, and appears here with kind permission.