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The Russian Aggression Against Ukraine: A Time for Choosing by Charlie Weimers

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The Russian Aggression Against Ukraine: A Time for Choosing

Speech in Strasbourg, March 8, 2022 by Charlie Weimers, MEP.

The Kremlin’s useful idiots are historically found on the Left. It saddens me that some on the Right have become infatuated with Putin’s pretend conservatism.

All conservatives should know that Putin is NOT a traditionalist bulwark standing up against the weak ‘woke’ West. 

Putin has built a morally bankrupt system. Systematic bribes, corruption, killings, stealing, lies, and now: sending Russia’s youth to die while killing their Slavic brethren.

Is Putin defending Christendom by using fanatical Chechen Islamists and Syrian mercenaries in Ukraine?

Forcing 1.5 million people away from their motherland and tearing families apart… Is that in line with ‘family values’ and respect for the love of one’s home? What about “love thy neighbor”?

Is clusterbombing residential areas compatible with the commandment “Thou shalt not kill?”

Wake up. Your enemies’ enemy is not your friend. Imperialism is the antithesis to free nations.

Charlie Weimers is an MEP for Sweden. He is a member of the Sweden Democrats, and a member of the European Conservatives and Reformists Group.


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