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Trans Politics is Not Women’s Politics by Birgit Kelle

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Trans Politics is Not Women’s Politics

A billboard poster in the UK defining the word "woman" was removed after it was accused of being part of a transphobic campaign.

Photo: Posie Parker

The greatest attack on women is not being waged through male oppression, but through male appropriation cloaked in the guise of the LGBT movement. Gender politics in the name of gender justice is producing a steady stream of new victims. The ultimate queen sacrifice is demanded in the trans battle, where women are robbed not just of status, work, and money, but of their very substance—the claim to womanhood itself.

This raises a fundamental question on the nature of women and, by extension, motherhood. When is a woman a woman, if, according to the new gender definition—accepted and applied by law in Great Britain, Canada, Australia, and parts of the United States—biology no longer has authority, and the definition of gender is left to the feelings of the individual? 

When is a woman a woman if scientific facts have to bend to perceived gender and self-defined categories? This clearly turns womanhood into a meaningless term. It is absurd to even speak of a ‘women’s movement’ if being a woman is not only not recognized but actively attacked as a natural category. As a result, self-proclaimed ‘women’ are hijacking the domains of real women. 

Trans politics is the end of every actual ‘safe space’ that protects against sexual assault. Any man can now access women’s shelters, bathrooms, and changing rooms. Every male loser can now win medals in international women’s sports. Even in prisons women are no longer safe from the assaults of trans women, who are tolerated there with their so-called ‘female penises.’

Germany has fallen prey to this ideology. In Berlin, there is a man sitting in the Bundestag as a member of parliament who calls himself ‘Tessa’ and claims to be a woman. His party, the Greens, have placed him on a women’s-quota seat as a trans woman. Anyone who calls him by his real name is angrily called a ‘transphobe.’ Gender politics has dismantled any meaningful women’s quota.

As this examples illustrates, intersectional gender feminism fails on so many levels such that the question is not whether it is obsolete, but whether in this form it is the greatest danger for women. Trans politics is not pro-women politics.

Whose rights, precisely, are protected by every constitution that speaks of equality for men and women, when no one dares to even specify criteria for womanhood, for fear of being found guilty of a surreal, intolerant thought crime or a ‘phobia’? As a result, feminism is committing collective suicide in the name of ‘gender justice.’

In today’s gender politics, feelings trump facts; female trumps male; homosexual trumps heterosexual; black trumps white; and trans trumps everything. Being personally affected by real or perceived discrimination, once a mark of bias, is now the top qualification in the workplace and in college admissions. The future is not female; that is just t-shirt feminism for beginners. According to gender theory and intersectional feminism, it belongs to the gender-fluid trans woman of color whose core competence consists of a lived experience of sexism.

Those who still believe that the worldwide implementation of the ‘gender mainstreaming’ strategy is simply a noble attempt to create equality between men and women must open their eyes to reality. The activists who used to demonstrate in the streets are now active in governments, implementing their agenda legally.

Globalization does not stop at national borders. It is only a question of when the observable experiences from countries that have already renounced biological facts in the legal definition of gender will lead to entirely new queen sacrifices. 

Germany’s government has extensive legislative plans and priorities in terms of gender policy, advocated for by a coalition of Socialists, Greens, and Liberals. There is nothing on offer for the traditional nuclear family. Instead, the focus is on those populations who, in their lives and relationships, cannot have children naturally: singles and homosexuals. They are considered disadvantaged and discriminated against. The buzzword is ‘assisted reproduction,’ indicating a push for the legalisation of egg donation, surrogacy and embryo donation.

There are a few examples of what these gender policies seek to accomplish. The German government is currently drafting a law on ‘co-motherhood’ in order to write two mothers on the birth certificate of a child, in the case of lesbian couples, without reference to the father. They want to affirm a factual lie with an official stamp.

Additionally, many liberals want to register up to four people as ‘parents’ on a birth certificate in order to legally recognize new family models.

Munich is currently looking for a permanent LGBT representative to push the issue of sexual and gender diversity in the city’s kindergartens—for children between one and six years old.

Last year, Germany passed a ‘trans-healer ban’ into law. It forbids doctors, especially when treating children, to question whether an expressed wish for gender change is meant seriously. The numbers of alleged trans children are spreading like a virus in some age groups, sometimes by a factor of 1,500. Germany has criminalized doctors who try to prevent children from making a great—and permanent—mistake.

The government wants to introduce a ‘self-determination law,’ which gives each citizen the right to change gender through a simple bureaucratic process. This would apply to children starting from 14 years old, even against the will of their parents.

There is also an attempt to pass a law called the ‘deadnaming prohibition.’ With this, anyone who mentions the previous name or gender of a person would be punished with fines. We would all be compelled to lie, even though we know the truth.

Whoever considers femininity to be a construct logically does the same with parenthood. Anyone is now allowed to be a mother. With the growing possibilities of reproductive medicine, the gender debate is visibly reaching another dimension: the decoupling of reproduction from biological origin.

This brings us back to the question of the nature of women and motherhood. Say a child is conceived in a test tube through a sperm donation from Germany and a purchased egg donation from a Ukrainian woman. It is then carried to term by a paid surrogate mother in the United States and finally adopted by a lesbian couple in the Netherlands. Four countries, four sets of laws, and four women are already involved here: the genetic-egg mother, the biological-surrogate mother, and the two adoptive mothers. Who is the mother here? And who asked the child towards whom he would like to develop motherly feelings? And finally, where is the father?

Surrogacy is a new form of prostitution and exploitation of women, and this industry of purchasing children is a new form of human trafficking. Where it leads, when children are ordered, incubated, and sold as objects, is dramatically illustrated by the war in Ukraine. Hundreds of surrogate-mother babies were born in the air-raid shelters of Kiev and could not be picked up by the adoptive parents. Those surrogate mothers were then forbidden to escape to a safe country.

The British philosopher and historian Arnold J. Toynbee once wrote that “civilizations die from suicide, not by murder.” Gender policy is one such slow form of demise. The West does not need any external enemies or territorial wars to bring about the proverbial collapse of our civilization; we are doing it to ourselves. 

What began as a demand for ‘tolerance’ is now an aggressive fight for privileges, power, jobs, and budgets based on gender ideology. In the free West, dissent used to be considered a legitimate second opinion. Today, dissent to gender politics is declared a hate crime. In my home country of Germany they label journalists like me anti-feminists, homophobic, transphobic, and even far-Right. But if this is the price for free speech, then I accept these labels as an honor.

Birgit Kelle (@Birgit_Kelle) is a columnist and writer for various newspapers and magazines in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. She is the author of several bestselling books about feminism, gender criticism, identity politics, bioethics, and motherhood including Dann mach doch die Bluse zu (Adeo Verlag, 2013), GenderGaga (Adeo Verlag, 2015), Muttertier (Fontis Verlag, 2017). Her most recent book, Noch Normal? Das lässt sich gendern! was published in 2020 by FinanzBuch Verlag. Kelle is the president of the German women’s initiative Frau 2000plus e.V. which lobbies for a new feminism that respects motherhood and the dignity of life. Her work has made her one of the LGBT lobby’s most hated journalists. She considers that a badge of honor. For more information about Kelle visit:

This commentary is adapted from Birgit Kelle’s speech at the CPAC Conference on May 20, 2022 in Budapest, Hungary.