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Anti-Christian Attacks Continue in Nigeria by Sven R. Larson

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Anti-Christian Attacks Continue in Nigeria

Another terror attack has claimed mass casualties in Nigeria. The Peoples Gazette reports:

A gang of killer herdsmen has killed 142 villagers in Plateau State. The BBC reported that 135 villagers had been killed on Sunday, however, a Plateau government spokesperson confirmed to Peoples Gazette that 142 people had been killed and more bodies are still coming in.

According to the Gazette, at least ten communities were targeted. The report also cites eye witnesses claiming that “security forces did not intervene in the raids which lasted for 24 hours.” 

The Plateau state is located in central Nigeria, south east of Kaduna but north of Benue, two states recently hit by mass-casualty terror attacks

The terrorists in the Plateau state attack abducted more than 70 people, according to Nigerian news outlet Daily Post. More than 100 homes were set on fire. The Post also cites an attack on April 2nd when terrorists attacked a festival marking the beginning of farming season. Ten people were killed and 19 injured. Five days later, the Post explains, suspected members of the Fulani militia assaulted a group of people in the process of rebuilding their homes after previous attacks.

The Fulani militia is a Muslim terror organization ranked among the most brutal in the world. They are well known to target non-muslim communities, primarily in north central Nigeria. A slow-motion genocide is targeting the Christian population of the region which thus far has claimed up to 36,000 Christian lives. 

According to, a branch of the Islamic State is now active in Nigeria. So far this year, it has carried out more attacks in the African country than its affiliate in Iraq:

As of March, Nigeria ranked sixth on the 2022 global terrorism index (GTI). … IS has killed thousands and displaced millions in North-Eastern Nigeria.

Sven R. Larson is a political economist and author. He received a Ph.D. in Economics from Roskilde University, Denmark. Originally from Sweden, he lives in America where for the past 16 years he has worked in politics and public policy. He has written several books, including Democracy or Socialism: The Fateful Question for America in 2024.