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Belgium Supports Polish Women to Have Abortions

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Belgium Supports Polish Women to Have Abortions

Earlier this year, Poland introduced a near-total ban on terminations with the only exceptions cases of rape or incest or when the mother’s health is in danger. The decision of Poland’s Constitutional Court led to protests in the country, and warnings from the European Union that Poland must respect fundamental rights.

Now the Belgian health minister and equality minister announced €10,000 in funding to the group Abortion Without Borders, “which helps people who are unable to access an abortion in Poland,” Euronews and Yahoo reports.

Sarah Schlitz, the Belgian junior Minister for Gender Equality, said she and health minister Frank Vandenbroucke had “taken the decision to send a strong signal” about the need for women’s rights in Poland.

“We are thrilled to see our friends in Belgium extend their hands across borders to help people forced by punitive governments to travel for abortion care,” said Mara Clarke, the founder of the Abortion Support Network. “We are both grateful for this support and hopeful that other countries follow Belgium’s lead,” she added, according to the news outlets.


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