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EU President: Afghanistan Is A Failure

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EU President: Afghanistan Is A Failure

European Council President Charles Michel gave a scathing assessment of the recent US withdrawal from Afghanistan in an interview for the French website Le Grand Continent.

Michel pointed out the need for the EU to step up efforts to build its strategic autonomy, reports.

“The events of the past few days draw a tragic toll. We must recognize that despite our best efforts, this is a failure for the international community”, Michel said in the interview. “Taking a step back, what is striking for the European that I am is to note that when the United States made the choice to negotiate with the Taliban under the Trump administration, then to confirm their withdrawal, they offered very few consultations with European partners – actually they offered none,” said Charles Michel.

Asked what lessons Europe could learn, the EU President answered: “The Afghan crisis only reinforces and consolidates a conviction that I have had for some time now and that I share with many others, namely the idea of a strategic autonomy of the European Union which aims to strengthen our capacity to influence according to our interests and of our values, while also emphasizing our capacity for action.”


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