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German Elections Are Held On Sunday

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German Elections Are Held On Sunday

Germans are heading to the polls on Sunday to vote for the new Bundestag, the federal parliament in Berlin. More than 60 million Germans over 18 are eligible to vote.

The election will determine the successor of Chancellor Angela Merkel, who will retire after 16 years in power.

According to the latest opinion polling, there will be no clear, big winners at the election. In the latest Allensbach poll, the Social Democrats can expect 26% and the Christian Democrats 25%. Greens have the support of 16% of the voters, while the liberal FDP is expected to get 10% of the votes.

The right-wing AfD might also get 10% of the votes, while the radical leftist Die Linke is expected to get around 5%.

Whichever camp is eventually tasked with forming the new government, they will almost certainly extend an invitation to the Greens. But they may also be forced to look for a third coalition partner, such as the liberal pro-market FDP or the left-wing Die Linke, reports.


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