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Pro-Lifers Show the Incoherence of Abortion on Spanish Streets by Bridget Ryder

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Pro-Lifers Show the Incoherence of Abortion on Spanish Streets

In one of Europe’s greatest demonstrations of pro-life support to date, pro-lifers took to the streets of Spain’s capital on Sunday, June 26th, to protest the government’s increasingly radical stance on abortion. Recently, the government has reformed the country’s abortion law to eliminate the three day waiting period, and to force doctors in the public health system to perform abortions. 

Marching under the theme “We’re Playing with Life,” more than 200 pro-life associations and other supporters walked through the heart of Madrid to fill the Plaza de Colón. The European Federation ‘One of Us’ estimated that approximately 100,000 people demonstrated for the legal protection of life from conception to natural death. 

Santiago Abascal, president of the right political party VOX, was also present. 

The march was held together with the Catholic Association of Propagandists (ACdP), as part of a new campaign to expose the incoherence that underlies the defence of abortion “rights.” 

The campaign has generated a series of marquees placed in prominent public places such as subway stations and bus stops in cities throughout Spain’s capital and central region. 

They depict a boy, “Miguel,” in four moments of his life—as a smiling baby, a running child, a happy college graduate, and as an unborn baby still concealed in his pregnant mothers’s womb. 

“This is the only [moment] in which you can kill him legally,” reads the text, pointing to the belly of Miguel’s pregnant mother. 

“The ACdP seeks to show that life is a continuity, and that once it has begun—at the moment of conception—it does not stop. Therefore, it is incoherent that there is a moment in which the law allows an end to it, and that this possibility is celebrated as a human right,” the association explained in a press release.

“Some insist that the topic of abortion does not interest anyone anymore. But there are many lives at stake, so it is not only a modern topic but also a topic of vital importance,” the association explained in a social media post announcing the campaign and the protest.

Bridget Ryder is Spain-based writer. She has written on politics, environment, and culture for American and international publications. She holds degrees in Spanish and Catholic Studies.