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Madrid Summit: Formation of a Rightist Anti-Globalist Bloc Continues by Robert Semonsen

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Madrid Summit: Formation of a Rightist Anti-Globalist Bloc Continues

The European continent’s foremost national-conservative leaders gathered over the weekend in the Spanish capital to further plans to form a unified, right-wing, anti-globalist alliance, which as the third-largest force in the European Parliament, would elevate the Right’s political clout to a degree not previously seen at the EU level. 

At the invitation of VOX president Santiago Abascal, high-ranking party officials from the European parliamentary groupings Identity & Democracy (ID) and the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) met in Madrid to discuss methods by which to defend Europe against enemies foreign and domestic; to oppose EU overreach, federalization, and integration; and to safeguard traditional European culture, identity, and Christianity. 

Aside from speaking of traditionalism, national sovereignty, self-determination, and Brussel’s excessive encroachment, other key topics broached during the two-day summit included Europe’s demographic decline, mass migration, asylum policy, the escalating crisis along the Russian-Ukrainian border, and the continent’s energy reliance on Russia, among others.

“The Madrid summit begins,” Abascal tweeted on Saturday. “Patriots from all over Europe in defense of our common values, our borders, and our sovereignty. In defense of the true Europe against the bureaucrats of Brussels.”

The summit will serve as a “benchmark for all Europeans who believe that the EU must be faithful to its origin and respectful of borders and sovereignty of nations,” the president of VOX, presently is the third-largest party in Spain, said. 

“It is we who defend Europe. We will not allow the hammer and sickle flag to be raised, nor the crescent flag, nor the dark flag of the globalist elites,” Abascal stated as he addressed his national-conservative allies.

French presidential hopeful Marine Le Pen echoed Abascal’s sentiments, saying: “Together, we will give nations back their sovereignty and their freedoms. Long live the free peoples and long live the Europe of the nations!”

“The work we have undertaken to create a large group of patriots within the European parliament is progressing because we have much in common. The objective is to contribute to a saving reorientation of an increasingly disapproved European Union,” Le Pen said.

To conclude the two-day summit, right-wing leaders from Hungary, Poland, France, Spain, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Estonia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, and Romania gathered at the VP Plaza España Design and signed a joint declaration.

In that joint declaration, signatories, among other things, denounced the EU not only for the punitive actions it’s taken against Hungary and Poland, but also for seeking to “transform the Union into an ideologized mega-state.” Signatories also lambasted liberal politicians pushing destructive immigration policies, and defended the primacy of the national constitution and Christian European ideals, among other things. 

The joint declaration also states that a coordination office will be established in Brussels to facilitate stronger cooperation between political parties and politicians who participated in the Madrid Summit as well the Warsaw Summit.

“We love Europe because we love our nations. And we will defend Europe because we defend our nations. For this reason, we will not stop demanding a Union dedicated to common European values, to people, to their families, to the protection of its borders, and to the freedom to have access to energy, industry, and a strong primary sector. We have to recover the culture of mutual respect between the Member States and with the EU institutions, where constitutional identities are safeguarded and not criticized. We denounce the politically motivated attacks from Brussels against Poland and Hungary, which show total disregard for the basic principles of the EU and violate the spirit of the Treaties.”

The entire joint declaration can be read here.

In an editorial published in La Gaceta de la Iberosfera on the first day of the summit, the author of the piece provides the reader with an apt description of the battle that’s presently being waged between pro-European and globalist forces.

“There is a Europe, the original one, that of the Eastern countries, that of the Mediterranean nations and a good part of the peoples subjected to a hasty loss of their traditions and their identity, which does not resign itself to be devoured by globalism. Each of the European party leaders who will meet tomorrow at the Madrid Summit has their own personality, interests, and goals that are unique to their nations, their history, their context, and their place in the world. But despite those differences, they are united by a conviction that very serious problems endanger Western Civilization. Furthermore, they’re also united by the absolute rejection of the destructive effect on the identity of the nations that the globalist elites have launched without, and this is essential, responding to the will of the Europeans.”

Half of Europe refuses to die. Half of Europe refuses that its nations, forged in history and that deserve respect, are mere provinces of the empire of the bureaucrats whom no one has voted for. That half of Europe that vindicates the values ​​of the West, that wants to defend its borders because it needs to preserve its traditions and identity, and that would never—not like the Davos Forum—hand over the honorary presidency or a community of neighbors to communist China, the new leader of global multilateralism.

Robert Semonsen is a political journalist based in Central Europe. His work has been featured in various English-language news outlets in Europe and the Americas. He has an educational background in biological and medical science. His Twitter handle is @R_Semonsen.


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