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The Left Migh Win Norway Election

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The Left Migh Win Norway Election

Norwegians vote on Sept. 12-13 in the next parliamental election, KFGO reports.

Opinion polls show the centre-left opposition might win power after eight years of Conservative-led rule.

At least nine parties – four on the right, five on the left – are expected to win seats at the election.

Incumbent prime minister Erna Solberg of the Conservatives, Labour’s Jonas Gahr Stoere and Centre Party leader Trygve Slagsvold Vedum are racing for the win.

According to opinion polls, Labour’s Stoere will likely get the job of forming a coalition government with smaller parties.

According to KFGO, Solberg’s Conservative Party seeks to cut personal income taxes and to further reduce the wealth tax. Left-winger Stoere has promised tax relief for low- and middle-income families and hikes for the top 20% of incomes. Labour also seeks to increase wealth taxation.

The main campaign topics were the huge Norwegian oil and gas industry, the spending of the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund, and the future relations with the EU (Norway is not a member of the European Union).


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