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The Left Wins In Norway

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The Left Wins In Norway

After the election on Monday, with 97.5% of the votes counted, Labour and four other centre-left parties could swing to a combined majority of 100 seats, up from 81 currently, the Directorate of Elections projected.

A minimum of 85 seats is required to win a majority in the 169-seat parliament.

If the projections prove correct, Labour Party leader Jonas Gahr Stoere could form a majority consisting of Labour, the Centre Party and the Socialist Left, which are on track for a combined 89 seats, and avoid having to work with the Marxist Red Party or the anti-oil Greens, reports.

Getting the rural-based Centre Party and the mostly urban Socialists to govern together could be difficult, however, as the two take different views on issues from oil to taxes.

According to, ruling in a minority could also be an option for Labour. Stoere says his government would focus on cutting CO2 emissions in line with the 2015 Paris Agreement, but has rejected any ultimatum over energy policy.


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