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VOX MEP Buxadé Excoriates Globalist Parliamentarians in Strasbourg by Robert Semonsen

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VOX MEP Buxadé Excoriates Globalist Parliamentarians in Strasbourg

In an impassioned speech delivered on the floor of the European Parliament on Tuesday, May 3rd, VOX MEP Jorge Buxadé excoriated power-hungry, globalist parliamentarians in a debate over various draft proposals put forward during the so-called Conference on the Future of Europe.

Following its conclusion on Saturday, the so-called Conference on the Future of Europe, described by Romanian MEP Cristian Terhes as an undertaking by EU globalists to transfer “more power to an elected bureaucracy from Brussels and to erase the sovereignty of the EU nation-states,” approved a series of measures which seek to overhaul the bloc’s status as an alliance of nations and transform it into a federal superstate.

After giving his opening remarks at the podium, MEP Buxadé, who also serves as VOX’s spokesman, immediately took aim at the assembly of federalist eurocrats, saying: “Come on, be honest. You don’t give a damn about the Europeans, what you want is more power. If it were up to you, there wouldn’t even be national parliaments. You talk about democracy, but you impose the noose of silence on those who dissent.”

The Spanish MEP’s biting criticism directed at his colleagues in the European Parliament did not end there. Facing fellow policy-makers in the chamber—those endeavoring to establish a federal superstate, where individual nation-states are subjugated to the edicts of Brussels—Buxadé declared that “their elitism and climate fanatism” had prevented them from seeing that their policies have led to the “collapse of the popular classes of Europe.”

“You have silenced the real debate, but you have gone on a globalist binge at the expense of Europeans’ money. In the midst of the economic crisis, you are proposing a new treaty. You are real sociopaths!” Buxadé added adamantly.

Continuing, the VOX MEP stated that Europe envisaged by the so-called ‘elites’ in Brussels is a “Europe servile to Agenda 2030: without nerve, without spirit, without nations to nourish its wealth and diversity; a Europe that betrays the pillars on which it was built, surrendered to foreign economies.”

Lastly, Buxadé called on EU parliamentarians to seek out their respective constituents in person, on the streets, and in shops, to explain to them why the conference’s main document failed to mention family, business, European culture and tradition, radical Islamism, sexual violence, unemployment, or unprotected borders.

“Centuries ago the elites took to the battlefield. Now they hide in the Tower of Babel and send Europeans to the slaughterhouse,” the Spanish MEP said in conclusion.

Following his address, Buxáde then took to social media, explaining to his nearly 120,000 followers that the so-called Conference on the Future of Europe is little more than a strategy being carried out by “Brussels oligarchs to impose, with the force of their money, a new treaty against the nations and Europeans.”

Robert Semonsen is a political journalist based in Central Europe. His work has been featured in various English-language news outlets in Europe and the Americas. He has an educational background in biological and medical science. His Twitter handle is @R_Semonsen.