Issue 20

Fall 2021 edition. Full-colour, 100+ pages.


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Europe’s premier conservative English-language journal of philosophy, politics, and the arts, The European Conservative publishes articles, essays, interviews, and reviews that illuminate the different varieties of conservative, traditionalist, reactionary, and right-wing thought from across Europe and around the world. Our interests are primarily academic, intellectual, theoretical.


It is also published online, with additional emphasis on news and analysis, and new content weekly. Digital-only subscriptions, which include access to all our premium online content and our archives, are also available.

  • In This Issue

    The new Fall 2021 edition—Issue 20—includes columns by Anne-Élisabeth Moutet, Anthony Daniels, David Engels, and Mark Dooley. It features essays by David Martin Jones & M.L.R. Smith on “Terror in the Western Mind” and Miguel Ayuso on “The Mystery of Carlism.” Jonathon Van Maren looks at the “Witch Hunt” against three extraordinary conservative women: the UK’s Caroline Farrow, Germany’s Gabriele Kuby, and Finland’s Päivi Räsänen. 


    This issue also features a section to commemorate the 450th anniversary of Lepanto, with contributions on the Battle of Lepanto by HIRH Imre von Habsburg-Lothringen and Saint Pius V, the Pope of Lepanto, by Roberto de Mattei. Charles A. Coulombe introduces and deciphers the G.K. Chesterton poem “Lepanto” and artists Michael Pleesz and Roman Genn offer their interpretations of Lepanto battle scenes.


    We revisit speeches by Katalin Novák on Hungarian Christianity and David P. Goldman on the demographic future of Europe. Kurt Hofer interviews the AfD’s Nicolaus Fest MEP on “Breaking Germany’s Post-War Taboos” and Christian Machek explores “Jews for an Alternative in Germany.” 


    The issue concludes with Sebastian Morello on wine and Wolfgang Fenske on whisky; “The Conservative Bookshelf”; and book reviews by Theo Howard on Roberto de Mattei’s Saint Pius V, Alberto M. Fernandez on Canales and del Rey’s Gloria Imperial, and Paul du Quenoy on Stephan Malinowski’s Nazis and Nobles. Finally, we offer a tributes to Donald Henry Rumsfeld (1932-2021) by Henrique Schneider; Rudolf Burger (1938-2021) by Till Kinzel; and Gianfranco Morra (1930-2021) by Leonardo Allodi.

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