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This Our Purpose

Today is a historic day, for it marks the re-launch of this website. It also marks the commencement of expanded activities, both online and in our new quarterly print edition, which aim to enhance the “media space” for conservatives in Europe and around the world.

Our purpose is to serve as a platform for conservative writers, thinkers, and intellectuals—and, in the process, steadily build an international network of conservative and right-wing publications, think-tanks, and other partner organizations. 

Such collaboration and cooperation—and the camaraderie and fellowship that eventually flow from it—is needed now more than ever, for the fundamental values and core traditions that we cherish are under attack today in an unprecedented way.

In the coming months and years, we seek to become a vibrant forum for conservative voices from across the Continent and around the world. We look forward to working with conservatives and traditionalists from across the spectrum, and in the process, hope to inspire others to pursue similar projects—to contribute to true intellectual diversity and to be able to welcome conservative ideas back into the public square. 

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