Lepanto, 450 Years Later: Hope for Christendom in Crisis

The Battle of Lepanto needed strong leadership. Today, Europe is searching for similar leadership. Europe needs statesmen: men and women who think about the next generation, not the next election; people like Don Juan of Austria and Blessed Emperor Karl, animated by a deep sense of service, ready to put the interests of their peoples before their own.

Terror in the Western Mind

One of the West’s problems is that at the end of the Cold War, it has been uncertain of its purpose—which has engendered a moral and political crisis, especially in the face of the threat of Islamic terrorism.

Saint Pius V, the Pope of Lepanto

The defence of Christendom against the Turks—together with the fight against heresy—was a dominant feature of the pontificate of Pius V.

Paris Diary

Rats crawling under a Périphérique underpass at Porte de Bagnolet. Graffitied cement cubes serving as the bases for traffic lights from Place Victor Hugo to Boulevard de La Villette. Dirty, yellow-striped concrete guardrails—blocking off traffic or marking bicycle lanes—dropped casually on historic Parisian boulevards, from Rue Royale to Boulevard Saint-Michel to Gare du Nord. Paved […]