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Bosnia Faces Political Crisis

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Bosnia Faces Political Crisis

Bosnia and Herzegovina faces the worst political crisis since the end of the war in 1995. The Serbian entity in the country, Republika Srpska, will quit key state institutions. The goal of the Serbs is to reach full autonomy within Bosnia, AlJazeera reports.

Milorad Dodik, the Serb member of Bosnia’s tripartite presidency has been threatening the secession of Republika Srpska from Bosnia for the past 15 years. Dodik now said that the Republika Srpska is pulling out of the Bosnian armed forces, top judiciary body and tax administration. Instead of them, “Serb only” institutions will replace these bodies in the entity by end of November.

According to Dodik, “this isn’t secession” and “there is no possibility for war”, but some fear this could lead to armed conflict once again, 26 years after the ending of the war.


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