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Constitutional Crisis After Czech Election

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Constitutional Crisis After Czech Election

After the parliamental election in the Czech Republic, local politics is in limbo. President Miloš Zeman was taken into hospital after the election, and he is unable to fulfill his responsibilities, the Central Military Hospital said.

After the hospital’s announcement, Czech senate committee unanimously decided that Miloš Zeman must be stripped of his power.

However, for over a week, the president’s office has insisted Mr Zeman’s illness does not prevent him from fulfilling his constitutional obligations, BBC reports.

According to news sources, a meeting took place on 14 October, when President Zeman’s senior aide, Vratislav Mynar, escorted lower house chair Radek Vondracek to see Mr Zeman. Police are now investigating allegations of “criminal acts against the republic”.

Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis has called on the head of the president’s office to resign immediately over alleged impropriety in exercising the powers of ailing President Milos Zeman.


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