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Hungarian Government Refunds Income Tax To Families

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Hungarian Government Refunds Income Tax To Families

Hungary’s government will refund $2 billion of income tax to families in early 2022 and also plans a big hike in the minimum wage, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told the opening session of parliament on Monday, reports.

Orbán said the quick economic recovery from the pandemic provided room in the budget for the measures. He said the economy was set to grow more than 5.5% this year, and that there was already a shortage of labour.

The government will issue the tax refunds to all families next February. The payments will be capped at the level of income tax paid by someone earning the average wage. “In total, the tax authority will refund 600 billion forints (€1.7 billion) to 1.9 million parents,” Orbán told parliament.

According to opinion polls, Orbán’s Fidesz and the alliance of opposition parties are running neck-and-neck. The next election will be held in the spring of 2022.


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