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Spain: 2 Holy Week Processions Attacked by Anti-Christian Migrants  by Robert Semonsen

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Spain: 2 Holy Week Processions Attacked by Anti-Christian Migrants 

Righteous indignation has filled the hearts of Spanish Catholics after faithful parishioners taking part in two Holy Week processions—one held on Palm Sunday and the other on Maundy Thursday—were attacked by gangs of anti-Christian migrants last week.

The first attack, which took place around dawn on Maundy Thursday, saw a group of young immigrant men from the Bermúdez de Castro reception center in Granada hurl rocks and other projectiles at the procession of the Nazarene Brotherhood of Our Father Jesus of the Passion and Holy Mary of the Star, the Spanish digital newspaper Okdario reports.

The group of migrants, who according to eyewitnesses threw projectiles from outside of the reception center, targeted processioners as they made their way through the Cuesta del Chapiz. Fortunately, the police managed to intervene in the situation before anyone suffered serious injuries.

Onofre Miralles, the spokesman for the anti-globalist VOX party who had been taking part in the procession, immediately took to social media to condemn the blatantly anti-Christian attacks. The perpetrators have nothing but disdain for Spanish culture and its unique traditions, he said, before calling on the Regional Government of Andalusia to take action against the culprits. 

The attack, which has prompted widespread outrage among Spain’s Catholic community, came just days after a similar incident that saw a group of five North Africans attempt to block a Palm Sunday procession in El Vendrell, a town situated in the province of Tarragona, Catalonia. 

Fortunately, police who were nearby managed to intervene on the behalf of the processioners, who had earlier asked the North Africans, to no avail, to let them continue unobstructed along their planned route. Police, after a physical struggle with several of the aggressors, arrested two of the men and charged them with disturbing public order. As can be seen in the video footage, bystanders applauded the officers after they had successfully detained the perpetrators, who had been resisting arrest.

As The European Conservative has previously reported, anti-Christian attacks—often carried out by Islamist migrants during holy day processions—have increasingly become commonplace throughout the Continent.  In December, days before Christmas, a group of Catholics in a Parisian suburb were physically assaulted, had their lives threatened, and were subjected to vitriolic, anti-Christian verbal abuse by a group of Islamists during a procession that had been organized to celebrate the Virgin Mary’s Immaculate Conception.

Robert Semonsen is a political journalist based in Central Europe. His work has been featured in various English-language news outlets in Europe and the Americas. He has an educational background in biological and medical science. His Twitter handle is @R_Semonsen.