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Germany Opposes Nuclear Power’s Inclusion in Green Finance Taxonomy

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Germany Opposes Nuclear Power’s Inclusion in Green Finance Taxonomy

Germany’s acting environment and nuclear safety minister, Svenja Schulze said, the country opposes nuclear power’s inclusion in the EU’s green finance taxonomy, reports.

The European Commission will clarify the status of nuclear and gas under the EU’s green finance taxonomy in the coming weeks. There are countries in the EU that support the inclusion of nuclear energy into the green category. Until now, 12 countries rallied behind the inclusion of nuclear power, including France, Netherlands, Sweden, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

According to Schulze, the future German government parties are becoming increasingly irritated by this move. “We don’t want nuclear energy, we don’t consider it sustainable, and we don’t want the EU to support it either,” Schulze told newspapers.

In Schulze’s opinion, nuclear power is not a solution in the fight against climate change, because it takes too long to build. She also reminded why Germany had decided to phase out nuclear power. “There were two major accidents, Chernobyl and Fukushima. We made a conscious decision not to do that anymore because it’s too dangerous in a densely populated country like Germany.”

But, as reports: nuclear energy emits nearly zero carbon and is increasingly seen as an ally in the fight against climate change.


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