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“Shameful” – Germany’s President Condemns Kabul Scenes

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“Shameful” – Germany’s President Condemns Kabul Scenes

“Images of throngs trying to flee Kabul are shameful for Western nations,” Germany’s president said on Tuesday, as desperate people clamoured at the airport after the Taliban takeover, reports.

President Frank-Walter Steinmeier said: “We are experiencing a human tragedy for which we share responsibility.”

Germany had the second largest military contingent in Afghanistan after the United States. Berlin wants to airlift thousands of German-Afghan dual nationals as well as rights activists, lawyers and people who worked with foreign forces. “All the more now we have to stand by those to whom we are indebted for their work and support.”

According to, the first German military plane to land in Kabul since the Taliban took power evacuated only seven people due to the airport chaos after flying soldiers in on Monday.


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