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Macron Considers Compulsory Vaccination For All

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Macron Considers Compulsory Vaccination For All

President Emmanuel Macron called for a “summer of mobilisation” in France, announcing the mandatory vaccination for healthcare workers.

“If the health situation remains under control for the moment, only a massive vaccination campaign will be able to prevent a new wave of hospitalisations as soon as August and new restrictive measures,” French president Emmanuel Macron said in a speech, reports.

“We were right, collectively, to constantly seek a balance between security and freedom,” said Macron. He added: “the more we vaccinate, the less space we leave for the virus to spread.” According to the president, “It is a new race against the clock”, and “to win this race, vaccination will from now be compulsory for all people working in contact with vulnerable people.”

“We must consider the question of compulsory vaccination for all,” the president added. For the moment, however, Macron says he wants to “make the choice of trust,” calling on all citizens to get vaccinated and warning that “the freedom of all of us depends on it.”


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