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Top VOX MP: “Peaceful Multiculturalism Doesn’t Exist” by Robert Semonsen

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Top VOX MP: “Peaceful Multiculturalism Doesn’t Exist”

A top lawmaker for Spain’s national-conservative VOX party has warned against the continued embrace of liberal, pro-mass migration policies that, if kept in place indefinitely, will inevitably result in the leveling of European nations and their unique cultures.

While delivering a poignant speech on the floor of Las Cortes Generales last Thursday, VOX MP Rocío De Meer cautioned lawmakers and Spanish citizens against trusting the notion that foreigners from alien cultures can replace local populations absent of severe, deleterious effects to the host nation’s culture, society, and the body politic, the Madrid-based newspaper La Gaceta de la Iberosfera reports.

The 32-year-old lawmaker’s words came just days after it was revealed that more than 4,200 illegal migrants arrived in Spain last month, a 32% uptick compared to figures recorded in January of 2021.

Amid the grim backdrop—and what she referred to as a “migratory invasion”—de Meer began by providing lawmakers with a brief trigger warning, saying: “I know that you do not like to talk about demographics. You constantly talk about the planet and never refer to the shaping element of States, which are the people. Demography is what influences economies, what influences culture, social configuration, political organizations.”

“Nations are determined because they are a populated territory. They are people with their culture, with their religion, with their political configuration, with their rules of coexistence, and anything that substitutes these populations necessarily destroys these nations and their identities,” she began, adding that use of the word “invasion” to describe the massive and sustained influx of migrants into Spain isn’t hyperbole, as liberals often like to claim.

“This isn’t four refugees fleeing war, no. This is millions of people. This is millions of people who, moreover, are needed by you because DAVOS orders you to do so, because the World Bank orders you to do so, and because big capital orders you to do so, and that is the reality—because you need slave labor to maintain the economic order.”

De Meer then implored her fellow lawmakers, inside and outside of the ruling leftist coalition, to take heed to the unprecedented societal disruption that’s been witnessed in France, Germany, and Sweden as a result of massive, unrelenting influxes of migrants.

“The multicultural religion that you are spreading around the world, this eventual system in which we are all going to enrich each other, our cultures mutually, is a lie. Peaceful multiculturalism does not exist, cultures have been imposing themselves on each other since the beginning of time, and France is perhaps the best proof in our environment. In France there are more than 700 communes where French law is not applied, either Islamic sharia or the law of the strongest is applied. There are more than 700 departments where the forces of law and order cannot enter and where the law of that country does not apply. And that is going to happen sooner rather than later in Spain.” 

Berating the destructive ‘holier than thou’ and ‘do gooder’ approach to politics that’s commonly associated with the political Left, the VOX MP continued on, saying: “I understand that for your theater you need the story of goodism, which is hypocrisy, but all the immigrants who die at sea, are your fault because you are the ones who throw them into the sea, who collaborate with human trafficking mafias and with NGOs, you are the ones responsible, on whose consciences this tragedy falls. And all because the demographic decline of Europe is bad for the economies of a series of billionaires.”

MP De Meer, who serves as VOX’s National Deputy, then shined a spotlight on the many deleterious effects mass unfettered migration has inflicted on Spanish society, casting blame on the liberals from the Right and the Left who’ve supported these ruinous policies only to enrich a class of billionaires.

“The reality is that mass immigration is destroying our neighborhoods and creating the Spain of machetes, which is what you are creating. And we saw it the other day in Murcia with the amputation of a hand and we have seen it with the machetes in Barcelona, we have seen the kid who was also beaten with machetes in Carabanchel, we have seen it with the mass rapes, we have seen it with so many situations that create insecurity and are destroying our neighborhoods.” 

To conclude the solemn but passionate speech, De Meer took a not-so-subtle swipe at the Partido Nacionalista Vasco (Basque Nationalist Party), saying: “I have good news for [you], a message of hope: It will be a great Basque… who will end all of the policies which you have imposed on Spain,” referencing Santiago Abascal—the president of VOX. 

The speech comes less than two years after De Meer was attacked by militant Basque nationalists during a VOX campaign event in the industrial town of Sestao.

Robert Semonsen is a political journalist based in Central Europe. His work has been featured in various English-language news outlets in Europe and the Americas. He has an educational background in biological and medical science. His Twitter handle is @R_Semonsen.


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