The Faces of National Conservatism

“Our great idea is that conservatism is not a standard. It is not a fixed doctrine. It is, above all, a disposition of mind. That’s why there are so many national expressions of conservatism. The genius of each people has translated, in its own way, the universal need for the self-preservation of society.”

The Future of Europe Belongs to Patriots

“For centuries, Europe has been shaped by the culture and values of the nations that call the continent their home. […] Europe is now under threat from within—and the very structures that claim to have our best interests at heart are betraying our heritage and asking us to give up our national sovereignty. Patriotic rebellions at the ballot boxes across the continent are a response to the threat they pose.”

The Metamorphosis of European Conservatism after Brexit

“The British Conservative Party has become the new centre of European conservatism. Until now, this role has been occupied by German Christian Democracy. But nothing is more symbolic than the involuntary passing of the torch from Mrs. Merkel to Boris Johnson. It has taken four years, but it is worth taking the measure of what has happened.”

God, Homeland & Family

“Our main enemy today is the ‘globalist drift’ of those who view identity—in all its forms—to be an evil to be overcome, and [which] constantly acts to shift real power away from the people to supranational entities headed by supposedly enlightened elites.”

Orbán on ‘National Conservatism’

The following conversation between Christopher DeMuth and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán took place on Tuesday, 4 February, at the ‘National Conservatism’ conference in Rome. 

On Natural Rights

Here is a forgotten treat: a video of the Concluding Panel at a 2017 conference on natural rights.

The event was organized by the Thomistic Institute.

Unreasonable Catholic Integralism?

Perhaps this is a good way to start off the new year—diving straight into the growing debate over the rising…

Emil Cioran: The Criticism of the Idea of Historical Progress

Daniel Branco

Melbourne: Manticore Press, 2019

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