Voegelin’s Plato (I)

Eric Voegelin was a first-rate scholar whose many writings span disciplinary divisions to speak to concerns ranging from politics and history to philosophy, psychology, and theology. Although Voegelin’s writings have received attention among limited groups of scholars and philosophers, their complexity and unique trajectory has often proved to be an obstacle to a more widespread familiarity with this important force in 20th century political and philosophical thought. This is unfortunate …

The ‘One of Us’ Manifesto

In the past few decades, Europe seems to have lost its moral compass. Numerous signs of hopelessness are apparent. It is less a matter of competing visions of Europe than of a deep moral crisis that threatens its survival as a civilisation. The question is whether this crisis is an opportunity for rebirth — or a sign that Europe is coming to an end.

European Populists Emerge Victorious

On Sunday, May 26, European voters went to the polls for the last day in this year’s electoral cycle.  While…

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