On Natural Rights

Here is a forgotten treat: a video of the Concluding Panel at a 2017 conference on natural rights.

The event was organized by the Thomistic Institute.

Unreasonable Catholic Integralism?

Perhaps this is a good way to start off the new year—diving straight into the growing debate over the rising…

Emil Cioran: The Criticism of the Idea of Historical Progress

Daniel Branco

Melbourne: Manticore Press, 2019

A Hungarian Response to Education

Fighting the legacy of the communist period in Hungary is not just a political task. It is also an educational one. To this purpose, a Budapest-based institution — Mathias Corvinus Collegium — has been expanding operations in most of the Hungarian-populated areas of Central and Eastern Europe. Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC) is an elite training institution that has been in operation since 1996.

Spain with a Spine

Next Sunday [November 10], Spain goes to the polls for its second general election in seven months. Here’s a brief look at the rise of the VOX party, which offers Spanish voters a real alternative for the first time in years.

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2019 Summer/Fall

Issue #16 is available now.

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Debating the Future of the EU

Just as in a Roman arena where each ‘position’ was strongly and fiercely held, all vigorous debates require two opposing parties. But too often, in the midst of battle, the nuances of the debate — as well as some of the substance — are lost. Much the same has been true regarding debates over the origins (and merits) of the European Union.