The Americans’ Independence Day

We begin this brief post with the requisite message of congratulations to our many American friends and supporters. Today is your day—and while there are some among our readers on this side of the ‘herring pond’ who continue to hold on to the monarchist ideals and the worldview of the ancien régime, and who simply cannot understand why anyone would…

Good Luck, Comrades!

From an Eastern European perspective, the whole BLM revolution looks very familiar.

Misunderstanding Bannon

It has been nearly three years since Steve Bannon was pushed (or jumped) out of the Trump Administration. Since then,…

The Erosion of Rights Under the UN

There are many today who believe that the United Nations Organization is the pre-eminent global NGO working to protect our rights and well-being. However, this is not the case.

The Trauma of Trianon

On this day, 100 years ago at Versailles, Hungarian officials were forced to sign the Treaty of Trianon, which effectively cut up Hungary. With one document, the country lost two-thirds of its territories and population. As a result of the treaty, more than three million ethnic Hungarians suddenly found themselves on the wrong side of political borders, living as minorities. The treaty has been the source of contentious debates ever since.

Responding to a World in Crisis

We are living through most troubled and troubling times. A virus has been, in some way, unleashed, traveling to all…

Scion of the French Right

Marion Maréchal is one of the most interesting people on the political scene today. And as speculation about an eventual political challenge to Macron rises, and she increasingly appears at major conservative conferences around the world to articulate “the Marion line,” I myself have become more interested in finding out what she believes and exploring her views in-depth. So, I requested an interview—and Maréchal kindly agreed.