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Brussels, Moscow Clash On Gas Prices

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Brussels, Moscow Clash On Gas Prices

The European Commission is investigating possible “manipulative practices or abuses” by companies producing and supplying natural gas to Europe.

Brussels also investigates trade patterns that might have influenced the carbon price increase, that affects both industries and households in Europe, EUobserver reports.

The Commission would introduce measures at both national and European level to mitigate the impacts of skyrocketing energy prices on the continent.

Meanwhile, Russia defends itself against the accusations of manipulations. “We will increase supplies by as much as our partners ask us. There is no refusal, none,” Vladimir Putin said at an energy forum in Moscow.

According to the Russian president, accusation of manipulation was “complete rubbish … and politically motivated tittle-tattle”.

Putin also called for “a long-term mechanism to stabilise the energy market” in Europe, EUobserver reports.


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